Well, it’s official now. I did interview the next President of Korea Lee Myung-bak when he was serving as mayor of Seoul back in 2004.

“Lee Myung-bak of the conservative opposition Grand National Party (GNP) won a landslide victory on his conservative, pragmatic and pro-American platforms Thursday on his 66th birthday, ending 10 years of liberal rule.

Two hours after the close of polling, Lee was virtually declared the president-elect as he secured 46.3 percent of the vote, defeating Chung Dong-young of the liberal United New Democratic Party (UNDP) with 28.2 percent and independent Lee Hoi-chang with 15.7 percent as of 8:50 p.m., according to the National Election Commission (NEC).

Lee’s victory symbolized Koreans voted for bread-and-butter issues over ideological ones, and probably shrugged off his possible involvement in a financial fraud.”

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I wonder if anyone in his camp remember when I interviewed him back in 2004? Probably not, but it would be cool if someone did and invited me to the inauguration. That would be pretty darn awesome.