iceCreamHeadache2 (1)If you’ve bought or downloaded a copy of Ice Cream Headache (if you haven’t what are you waiting for?!) you might have wondered about the book’s dedication page:

Valerie, Larry, Kim, Bill, and Randy/Cherry Grade School 1964-1965

These were my five best friends when I was in the first grade and half of the second grade. Valerie Schallhorn, Larry Corpus, Kim Moss, Bill Waite, and Randy Corr.

In December 1965, we moved from Cherry to Oglesby and I would never see some of these friends again. I would see Bill a few times, and Kim was in my homeroom at L-P High School (though she didn’t recognize me).

Even though I was only seven-and-a-half when we moved, it was a life-defining moment for me. It really tore me apart at the time (in Ice Cream Headache, I refer to this move as well as my friends) and it took me awhile to get over it.

These were my first best friends and that is why I dedicated this book to them. There’s a photograph in storage back home in the Illinois Valley of Valerie, Larry, and I which was taken during a Christmas pageant. It’s the only photograph I know that exists from that time. I’m hoping my friend Chris can find this photo album in all the stuff I have in storage back home. I sure would like to see it now.