RodmanWell, if ping-pong worked with the Chinese, maybe Dennis Rodman, a.k.a. The Worm, and basketball might have the same effect on the Norks.

Very interesting article in The Diplomat about Rodman’s visit to North Korea that even has Marcus Noland finding something in the visit to get excited about:

“I am all for it,” Dr. Marcus Noland, senior fellow and director of studies at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, told The Diplomat. “No one has anything to lose on this one, so why not? If Kim Jong-un is half the 1990s NBA fan he is cracked up to be, Dennis Rodman could have more impact on US-DPRK relations than say John Kerry. And look better in a dress.”

We’ll have to take that tongue-in-cheek, but all I’ve got to say is what to hell.

Go get ’em Worm!