I’m riding on the airport limousine bus from Incheon to Daejeon this morning when I get a phone call from Sookmyung Women’s University. 

“Is this Jeffrey Miller?” the woman on the other end asks. 

“Yes it is,” I reply. 

“Are you still looking for a job?” 

“No, I’m not.” 

“We’re looking for a teacher immediately. Are you interested?” 

“No, I already have a job,” I tell her.  

But what I really wanted to tell her was, “gee, why didn’t you guys call me three months ago after I had sent you my CV and related documents?” Back then I didn’t get past the initial screening process to even be asked to come in for an interview. Now, with the Spring Semester just two weeks away they’re calling me to see if I am still “looking for a job.”  

Probably what happened is either some teacher they hired bailed on them, the new E-2 visa regulations are causing a lot of problems and headaches for schools hiring teachers, or they just didn’t hire enough teachers the first time around. 

It was very nice of them though, to think of me now even when I wasn’t good enough for them the first time around.