Well, it’s official now. It looks like Seoul is soon going to be home to one of the world’s tallest buildings.

“The country’s tallest building—and possibly the third-tallest building in the world—will be constructed by 2010 in Yongsan, central Seoul, according to Korail, the project’s investor, and the Seoul city government.

According to the deal announced yesterday, Korail, the government-funded railroad operator, will redevelop 566,000 square meters (139 acres), currently consisting of the train depot and apartment complexes.

The site will be transformed into an international business district, including the headquarters of global companies, convention centers, hotels and an international port.”

What might have been a tall order to fill when I first mentioned this in my blog back in March is now going to become a reality. There’s also been talk of another “world’s tallest building” in Chamsil as well as one being planned for Incheon. Is Korea suddenly going to be the “hub” of the world’s tallest buildings?

I will say this though, I think the developers are having some wet dream claiming that the building will be built by 2010. One thing you don’t want to do is race to build a 150 story building.