Well, that’s one week out of the way and if you are keeping score at home, only 14 more until the end of this semester—give or take a few days for testing and then all the paperwork or “archiving” as it is called here. 

It was a rather sedate week not having to teach on Monday or Tuesday and then not really teaching on Wednesday or Thursday—just a meet and greet session. The Child Welfare students in my Tuesday/Thursday afternoon class were the most motivated and enthusiastic. Almost everyone in class had their student books and workbooks and were quite lively when I walked in the classroom. They are most likely going to be a lot of fun to teach. 

It was an emotional week for me waiting to find out what the cancer specialist would say when Mom went to see him on Thursday. I couldn’t sleep at all Thursday night worrying about Mom so much and I was scared to make the phone call Friday morning to find out what the specialist had told my Mom. 

When I called Mom this morning she was in good spirits waiting for me to call. She’s taking everything in stride and I can tell by her voice that she is feeling a little better. 

And of course I am missing On so much. It’s been 20 days since we last were together but it seems so much longer. The weekends are the worst time for me. Spending them all alone in my apartment. Other than going to the gym and the store, I just stay in. I don’t really want to go anywhere and besides, I don’t have much money to do anything. I know that’s not healthy and a very easy way for me to get stressed out more. It’s no wonder I have been getting these migraine-like headaches and waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning and unable to fall back asleep.