I am not sure why this would even be a news story. However, after the bogus diploma fiasco back in 2005 when a number of teachers were caught here with phony teaching credentials (and every teacher had to go to their local immigration office with copies of their—hopefully official—diplomas) someone must have thought this incident was newsworthy enough. You know, to get the word out that someone somewhere was doing their job to catch teachers with any kind of bogus documents.

“A Canadian teacher has been under investigation by the immigration office here for allegedly getting a job with forged documents in violation of South Korean immigration law, the office said Monday.

The Canadian man, whose identity was withheld, had been working for years as an assistant English-language professor at a private university in Seoul. He got another job as an English professor at an Incheon university last November by submitting forged administrative documents to the immigration office, the office said.

Under South Korea’s immigration law, foreigners can officially change jobs only if permitted by the immigration office based on written consent from their former employer.

The man was also found to have submitted forged master’s and doctor’s degrees to the schools, although he only has a bachelor’s degree from his country, immigration officials said.

The office said it will soon seek an arrest warrant for him under the direction of prosecutors.”

Unlike some teachers (qualified or not) who might be able to fly under the radar on a six-month tourist visa to land some teaching gig while they are here “traveling” (has anyone ever heard of someone who came to Korea to travel for six months and not look for a job?) this guy already had a university teaching position. Maybe he thought he could do better.

Of course if you want one of the better teaching gigs in Korea you need those advanced degrees or teaching certificates. Guess he must have thought that no one would be the wiser. Well, he’ll have some time to think about this bonehead ploy while he is awaiting deportation.