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Ferry ‘cross the Mekong

One of my first trips in Laos was back in July of 2007 when Aon, her family (her mom, younger sister, and Bia) and I visited the famous Buddhist temple and Khmer ruins Wat Phou Champasak near Pakxe in southern Laos.

Getting there was quite an interesting journey because to get to the temple and the ruins one has to cross the mighty, magnificent Mekong River on a ferry.

For those who are vaguely familiar with the Mekong River, the name alone conjures up all sorts of images whether it’s the Mekong Delta from the Vietnam War or if you are much of a Thai whiskey drinker, Mekong Whiskey. However, for those who live along its winding path, the river is an important waterway and natural resource.

The river itself can get quite wild during the rainy season (last year in the capital city of Vientiane it rose above flood stage and flooded out streets that run along its banks) but when I crossed it in the July of 2007, it was simply magnificent and peaceful.

The ferry is a couple of boats lashed together with a makeshift platform to accommodate a few cars and a bus or two. It might not look like much, but it serves its purpose well ferrying people and vehicles across the Mekong.

It takes no more than thirty minutes to cross, and when the weather is gorgeous like it was the day we crossed it, the scenery is breathtaking.


  1. Jeffrey – Awesome pictures. One of these days I hope to visit Wat Phu, the furthest south I’ve been to is Savanhnakhet. Are you counting the days yet?

  2. Jeffrey, beautiful images, I love the beautiful blue sky and fluffy clouds, looks just like the first day I got to Vientiane. My dad and I thought about visiting Wat Phou, but was afraid that we wouldn’t make it back since we didn’t have that much time, we were in Pakse for 2 days, and didn’t have more time to spare. I’ve heard so much about the legend of human sacrifice at Wat Phu Champasak that I want to see it for myself, definite on my next trip a must see place.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments Seeharhed and Nye. Yes, I am counting down the days–just two weeks now, and I already have my suitcase packed! (Toys and clothes for Jeremy Aaron and Bia.)

    Aon and I have talked about another trip to Wat Phou–if we have time. We want to spend a few days in Luang Prabang again before we head down to Paksong.

    I would love to visit The Plain of Jars; just have to wait and see if we have enough time.

  4. Jeffrey, my last trip I had such high hopes to see the Plain of Jars, but had to choose between that and Luang Prabang and I chose the latter. I’d love to see you photographs the Plain of Jars if you’ve a chance to visit.

    How long will you be staying this time? This will be a good holiday for everyone. 🙂

  5. Jeffrey,
    The pictures are gorgeous, the sky are absolutely beautiful just as I remembered when I was crossing the river with the ferry. Wat phu was definitely the highlight of my trip and climbing up those steps was worth it the views were magnificant. If you plan to visit Laung Prabang don’t forget to stop by P Noy store is the artist that I have written on my post, take lot of pictures we loves pictures even we all have been to Laung Pragbang but never get tire of seeing pictures of Laos.

  6. Salalao,

    Thanks so much for your kind comments and yes, I will most definitely visit that P Noy store and take lots and lots of pics for everyone.

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