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Yes, I am finally—after two extra days of “vacation”—back in the classroom and teaching again. 

After having my classes cancelled on Monday and Tuesday for orientation stuff, I finally got to meet the students in two of my classes today. My morning class—on “Woosong Hill” which I have decided to call it after the exhilarating 20-minute walk to get there this morning—is for freshmen architecture students, thirty-one in this class. Thirty males and one female. Guess there aren’t too many female architecture students, at least not too many studying English on Monday and Wednesday mornings. 

And in the afternoon it was back up Woosong Hill, to the other side of the campus for a class of freshmen tourism management students. A smaller class—twenty-three students—and a little livelier than my morning class. 

Tomorrow I have to interview students for a conversation class and then in the afternoon, I have one more freshmen English course.  

And then my week is over. 

Can’t complain with this kind of schedule. Just wish I was making a little extra money. And for all the years that I have been in Korea it would have so nice, not to mention needed very, very much to have gotten a bonus or severance pay for having completed one year of teaching here. Of all the years and all the bonuses, this is one year when I needed it the most.

If only people knew just how much.

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  1. Am thinking about moving to that part of the world to teach too, but your comments about pay are a little worrying. Is it a good long-term move, and are there opportunities for you to teach part-time at other universities?

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