Not really, because my two freshmen classes were cancelled today, so instead of having to traipse over to the university this morning and afternoon, I am still on vacation for one more day.

Fine with me.

It’s a good day to stay in bed a little longer (though I was up at 7:30 to call On and my Mom) because it looks a little nasty out there today—cold and rainy.

My kind of day, right? Sit here at my desk, update my blog, finish my coffee and then later, walk over to the gym and then get something to eat.

Both On and Mom are doing okay. On is going to see a doctor later this morning about the baby and Mom was getting ready for bed. Mom was feeling a depressed today because no one had called or stopped by. That hurts me a lot. At least I have been calling her every day and I know that makes her feel better.

I was able to use the phone card that I have been using to call On but the connection is not good sometimes. And sometimes I will lose 3-6 minutes each time I do call. The card works okay if I call the States; it is just when I call Laos that I sometimes have a problem.

Another day of missing On very, very much.

Last night I dreamed that we were together—staying in a hotel somewhere—and that I had to get ready to come back to Korea.

I miss On so much.