For those of you facryingmiliar with Amazon’s new payout scheme for Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP), authors get paid for the number of pages read versus books sold. It theory it sounded like a good idea for authors who would write very thin books and then get paid the same rate as an author who wrote a much larger work. In the past, an author could expect around 1.14-1.35 for each borrowed through KDP Select.

Yes, in theory, it sounded like a good idea, but, to excuse the pun, it’s not paying off in the long run.

When Amazon started this last year, I was paid .0056 per page read. Then it was .0049 per page. Last month, it was down to .0046 per page.

The bottom line is that an indie author cannot make it out in the cruel, cold world of indie publishing without a friend like Amazon. Even though my books could be bought at other online sources, most people feel very comfortable and secure with buying only from Amazon. When I had my books at Smashwords, hardly anyone bought them. However, my top selling books continue to do quite well at Amazon with or without promotion. Also, reviews left on Amazon do drive sales.

I look at any sale, whether a book is purchased or borrowed, as a way of getting more exposure. On average, readers read approximately 900 pages a day, which comes out to about three books a day. That might not seem very much, but for an indie author, it’s a fantastic day. I will continue to stand by Amazon because there is no alternative. However, one has to wonder if Amazon’s KENP is really worth it.