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Four hours in Bangkok and miles and miles to go before I sleep





Hong Kong.


And now Bangkok for four hours.


It’s been a long day after a long night and I still have miles and miles to fly before I get to Vientiane and then figure out how to get on the bus to Paksong in the morning.


I know On is probably worrying a lot about me—I won’t be able to call her until later this evening. The last time I talked to her was 9:30 this morning, around 10 hours ago. I cannot use my mobile phone outside of Korea so I will have to wait until I am in Vientiane and use a public phone.


When I get to Vientiane tonight at 9:00 most everything is going to be closed in the airport (I’ve already exchanged some dollars for Baht in the event that the currency exchange is closed at Wattay International Airport). Getting to the bus station is not going to be a problem; finding a room in a guesthouse or motel around the station might be a little tricky.


I’ve been up for over 36 hours and starting to feel a little loopy. I am getting by just on the major adrenaline rush I’ve got going now thinking that in less than 24 hours from now I will be with On, Bia, and Jeremy Aaron.


Fortunately I am able to hang out in the CIP Lounge, which is the next best thing to a business or first class lounge (I have a membership because of a Korean credit card I have). So, for the next three hours I can chow down on some finger food, and get this, drink honest to goodness A&W Root Beer! Well, it’s in a can but there’s no mistaking that frosty mug taste.


This will most likely be my last post/dispatch for a few days.

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  1. Wow!! You’re heading back to Laos to be with your wife and kids. I bet you can’t hardly wait. Have a safe journey back to Laos and please post the picture of the new born.


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