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From Carbondale to Daejeon

You just never know who is going to stumble across your blog on the Internet and then either write to you or leave comments on one of your postings.

Sometimes it’s not unusual like when an old friend who you thought you might have lost touch with writes you or leaves a comment; other times it’s someone looking for information about how to contact Jimmy Wong or information about teaching English in Korea.

Then there are those times when someone comes across your blog and sends you an email that really catches you off guard and surprises you.

Like the email I received a few months ago from David from the band David and the Happenings.

Talk about a trip down memory lane. The last time I saw David and his band was a party in Carbondale back in March 1981. I had gone to Carbondale with Chris Vasquez and Dave Scholle to pick up my stuff from my dorm room at Freeman Hall (I had “dropped out” of SIU a few weeks before) and ended up staying in Carbondale for a few days. While we were there, we caught The Romantics and The Rockats at Shryock Auditorium (The Rockats blew away The Romantics) and ended up going to a few parties were David and other people I knew from SIU were at.

I never really knew David (who was the brother of James Chance of James Chance and the Contortions fame) that well, but I had seen his band a number of times when I was attending SIU from the summer of 1980 to the spring of 1981. The first time I saw his band was at an outdoor concert at the beginning of the semester; then again later in the Student Center right before Thanksgiving. They were a pretty outrageous and tight-knit band known for David’s vocal stylings and stage presence, which might have reminded one of Iggy Pop. If you were into the New Wave or Alternative Rock Scene at SIU then you probably caught them playing one of their gigs around town.

When I had gone home for Thanksgiving in 1980 I hung out with Chris and one of his friends Colleen who was going to SIU at the same time I was and who also knew David and the band. Then, when I came home for the holidays again at Christmas, Chris, Colleen, Dawn (a friend of Colleen) and I went to Chicago to see David and the Happenings play at this punk rock club called The Space Place and another time at Tuts.

That Tuts gig was a bit of a downer because David’s band came on after Martha and the Muffins, a band that Chris and I really wanted to see. We pretty much screwed ourselves on missing the band by partying with Colleen and some of her friends too long before the concert (“Don’t worry, I know the bouncer there and I will be able to get you guys in,” Colleen said).Well, she knew the bouncer all right, but what she didn’t count on was the club following the fire code to a T. By the time we got there, the place was packed and they weren’t letting anyone else in (after Colleen had managed to talk her way inside). So, Chris, two other girls and myself ended up hanging out at this small blues bar until Martha and her muffins finished and we could finally enter Tuts.

The Space Place, on the other hand, was an interesting club and we had no problem getting in and seeing the band. The club itself, located somewhere on the North side of Chicago (if I am not mistaken) had been converted from an old warehouse. It was big and roomy and on the night we saw David and the Happenings and some other bands, it was packed.What I remember most about that night was the bouncers who looked liked professional wrestlers wearing white tee shirts with “security” scrawled on the front (which looked as though it had been hastily written with a black marker earlier in the evening).

A couple of skinheads showed up to cause trouble and these bouncers—standing around the stage—pounced on them and started beating the shit of them right in the middle of the dance floor as one of the bands played.Later that night, Chris and I went to a party where the band was and we stayed up all night. The next day, a Sunday, we went to Wax Trax Records on North Lincoln Avenue, the coolest and hippest record store in Chicago.

I think seeing David and the Happenings—then and when we saw them in Carbondale afew months later—really had an influence on Chris when he finally got around to putting his band together The Libido Boys in the summer of 1981. David and the Happenings was the kind of band that Chris wanted to have or be in; he wanted to have a really strong stage presence with a band that could back him up musically and who were not afraid to take chances. What Chris really needed to do was put a band together and get out of the Illinois Valley.

I would see David and the Happenings one more time, a month later in Chicago. Chris and I were trying to put something together to have the band play at Friday’s Saloon in Peru and were in contact with Pete Katsis, the manager of the band at the time. However, the owner of Friday’s wasn’t too keen on bringing a band in that he didn’t know too much about and never got around to returning phone calls. We had even made these posters of the band and put them all around town (We could have even made a little money off the gig being promoters and all—who knows where that could have led us?) to generate interest, but the owner backed down at the last minute.And that was the last time I had thought about the band until now when out of the blue I get this email from David.

Pretty cool how a one sentence blurb about his band on my blog could bring me back in time to Carbondale in 1980 when life was wild and interesting.

(Thanks for the pics David!)


  1. went to Tut’s with her before, so I am sure it is probably the same girl. I lost contact with her after 1981 when I left SIU and she was still there. I couldn’t believe the pictures you had posted too. One of the girls in the pics from David was Jeri Lyn who he had dated. Sometimes I feel like I can’t remember yesterday and it was something else to have all these memories coming back. It was a great time to be down thJeffrey,
    I don’t know you but I ran across this entry after I googled Pete Katsis. I knew Pete from my college days at SIU. He was the head of the Student Programming Council which meant he got to book all the acts at SIU and had great tickets to them. My roommate Jonathan was on the committee too. I had seen Pete on Celebrity Apprentice the night before. He was featured in an episode in which the Backstreet Boys (who he must manage) were on. I knew he was out in LA and with The Firm management. So when I googled his name and this blog came up, I just read it to see what it had to do with Peter Katsis.
    I couldn’t believe all the old names and memories you brought up for me. I was in Carbondale from 1976-1981 and went to many parties with David and the Happenings. I dated Joel Wells who was in the band for a short time. Then I read on as you talked about Colleen and I am sure it was my friend and former next door neighbor on Hayes Street. She had wild blonde hair and was always the life of the party. I know she went to Tut’s and I had gone there with her before after she and I dyed my hair a dark purple.
    I then read a blog you wrote about the Panama Canal. My parents lived in Panama when I was in Cdale. My father was the CFO for the Panama Canal and they lived in the Canal Zone down from the Governors mansion. I went there a few times on breaks from SIU. It was weird to read all you wrote about so many places I had been.
    I don’t recognize you but maybe we had met. It is pretty strange with the SIU and Panama thing.
    I would love to hear any updates you might have. I normally would never respond to a stranger but I can’t believe that I was reading so much about Carbondale and I have wondered what became of David and the Happenings and especially Colleen.

    • Hi, Mindy!
      I vaguely remember you….don’t know if you remember me at all. I think I know you best as the woman who dated Joel Wells, because I was terribly in love with him at the time!
      You asked about Colleen Pollack I believe- the one who had bleached her hair platinum and lived on Hayes Street? She still lives in Carbondale and is married to Al Kuczinski. They adopted a little girl maybe six (??) years ago….the live on Almond Street. We see her once a year or so when they do the trek up to Chicago for the holidays-

  2. David from the Happenings

    March 30, 2008 at 12:58 am

    Hi this is David, yes from David and the Happenings. I think it is so cool that Jeffery has this blog and talks about my band after more than 25 years. David and the Happenings only lasted from 1980 to 1982, but those are two of the most memorable years of my life. Whenever I go back to those times it puts a smile on my face. First of all, I want to dedicate this post to the guitarist in the band, Scott Morrow. Tragically, Scott died two years ago from an infection that had gotten into a bone in his arm and spread throughout his body. Scott was a very close friend of mine until the end and I really miss him. He had spent most of the 80’s in LA and formed a band called the Fiends which had two albums, and he had a relationship with Jeri Lee Spark’s sister, Donita Sparks, who is the leader of the band L-7.
    To Mindy: I remember you! I remember when you dated Joel Wells and I even remember the place where you lived, it was close to John Smith’s house. I also remember Colleen with the wild blond hair, she was great! However, Jeffery was referring to Colleen Casey, an Irish girl with strawberry blonde hair who was in the design department. She was friends with Joy Koenig and her roommate Cassandra. I dated Colleen briefly and also Joy. I lost touch with Colleen but still speak with Joy sometimes, she actually moved back to the Carbondale area and still lives down there.
    I moved to Chicago after graduating in 1982. I had a couple of bands and did shows with my brother, James Chance. I have retired from music except every once in a while I perform with James when he comes to town and a couple years ago I got to perform in England with him at a large festival called All Tomorrow’s Parties.
    I am also still in contact with JJ who is the drummer (he’s the black guy in the picture if you don’t know.) JJ is the absolute best–he lives in LA and directs the Tavis Smiley show now.

    I wish I could go on but that’s all for now–I still live in Chicago with my wife of 18 years and think fondly of Carbondale and all the friends and fans who made my time there so special.

    peace, David

  3. My last reply was a mess, it submitted before I was done editing it. I guess that’s why you shouldn’t be answering blogs about memories from your past when you are at work.

    David, I was happy to read your post. Sorry to hear about Scott- he was a really nice guy. Quiet but very sweet. That is great that you were able to keep in touch for so long and I am sure you do miss him alot.

    Yes, I did live down the alley from John Smith. He was so much fun and always ready to go out. David, I remember when you lived on the upper floor of a two flat in Carbondale and you had this one wild party with flashing lights. The lights and some heavy partying made for a weird movie like experience that I still remember. I think I remember Joy too. Did she live on Cherry Street? They had a party after the Talking Heads concert, a pajama party, and the Talking Heads came to it. It was one of many good parties they had there. I lived on Cherry Street and remember having a party when a tornado went down the street, knocked out the music, a tree fell on some cars, but the party went on. I still keep in contact with my roommate Kathy. I don’t know if you remember her- she was tall with dark drown hair.
    Sorry to hear that you don’t do music anymore-it was great when you did. Glad to hear that you have a nice long marriage though.
    I’m divorced with 2 boys- 18 and 20 yrs old. The senior in high school is thinking about SIU, but whatever he ends up doing, I know he won’t have the experience we did. There was something about that time and that place. It was before AIDS, and music was changing. It was special and I have some great memories of the people I met and the times I had. People like you, David….
    Take care, Mindy

  4. Hey David and Mindy,

    Thanks so much for leaving comments on this post. I really appreciate you taking time out to visit this blog. I hope we can connect with more people from SIU. Peace to you both and please stay in touch here.

    Take care,


  5. Cate Ratajczyk Roberts

    August 6, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    What a blast from the past! David, if you read this – hope you remember me from the C’dale scene of long ago. I also lived on Cherry Street and was in the Interior Design Dept. with Colleen and Dawn – hanging with Pete, Tommy, Joy, Casandra, Ian Ensley, etc. – dancing to Marvin Gaye all night. I moved to Chicago and roomed with Dawn, Colleen, Joy and Cassandra for a while, then hooked up with my now husband, Robert Roberts, who was an original member of Ministry. I kicked around in that scene for a couple of years, but finally decided it was time to grow up! We’ll celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary next year and have 2 fantastic sons, now 20 and 17 (makes me feel old), and live in the south suburbs of Chicago. Not nearly as wild and crazy as C’dale, but we’re very happy. Would love to get in touch with some of the old crowd; haven’t heard from anyone in years. Glad to hear all is well with you – take care.
    Cate (Ratajczyk) Roberts

  6. My wife, Cate, was good friends with Joy, Cassandra, Colleen, Dawn and David down in SIU. I believe that she even lived on the house on Cherry Street at one time.

    I’m sure she love to hear from any of you. If you’re about, please respond.


    Robert Roberts

  7. Robert/Cate

    Thanks so much for your comments and I hope we can stay in touch.

    I probably did meet you at some point Cate because I had gone to Chicago a few times to see Colleen and Dawn along with Chris Vasquez and Tommy.

    I saw Ministry at Airwaves in Carbondale back in ’83 and a few times in Chicago and also Rockford at a bar owned by Ian Soraka who briefly played keyboards with 87 Men.

    I sent David a link to these comments. He is on Facebook if you would like to get in touch with him there.

    Hope you guys check back here again.

    Thanks again for your comments.

  8. Hi Mindy and David and Everyone…

    I stood on the front porch of the Cherry Street Party and Watched the Tornado plow down the street.

    It moved My brother’s girlfriends car (wrecked it) a Volvo.

    My old ’68 Buick Skylark didn’t budge an inch.

    Carbondale was a magical time.

    It remains a part of my spirit… as do all the souls I knew back then.

  9. Thought I would see if any other people surfaced and was glad to see Melodie! I have lots of memories from the Cherry St house and you. One place you took me to I think scarred me for life….
    It was some wild times and although I don’t think I remember Cate, I know what she means about feeling old, especially having kids in college. My son ended up in Santa Barbara for college and it’s really beautiful there. It made me think I should have gone somewhere like that for school. But then I remembered the times I had…..

  10. i played with scott morrow in ‘fiends’ from late 1982 to 1987. i met james chance a couple of years ago, and it reminded me of scott’s very fond musings of david and the happenings and his years at SIU in general. scott spoke very affectionately about everyone from that time in his life. i think he got a lot of his creative inspiration from the very people that contribute to this blog. i was a little envious when he would reminisce about his college friends, because my experience didn’t have that kind of camaraderie. i’m making films and i sometimes reference scott’s aesthetic, which is a reflection of his experience in carbondale with all of you.

  11. David (Tremor) Siegfried

    January 22, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    Wow it’s been a while since I checked out this blog and I am really glad to see that this re-connection has sparked so many memories, all because of Jeffrey’s efforts.

    Dan I am glad to meet you via remembrance of Scott Morrow. Thanks Mindy for your memories. I remember your roommate Nancy too. To Cate and Robert: so great to hear from you guys. Of course I remember you, sweet Cate! You are one of the special people from that charmed time that I’ll never forget. We had such fun together. Glad to hear you guys are still together and I wish you both the best. Hey there Melodie, we’ve been in touch through Facebook. I have fond memories of everyone… Joy and Cassandra and Pete Katsis the rest of the Cherry Street gang (including Mitch Meyers), party boy John Smith, both of the Colleens, the late Ian Ensley, Dawn, Tommy Stella, John Kahn, Kurk & Eileen and let’s not forget Joe Shanahan who still runs Metro.

    Some of my other friends from C’dale you guys may or may not remember: Jay Stem who ran the hippie coffee shop Macanda Java; my partner in crime Bill Wild who lived in a trailer, Allison Sabo, the Happenings number one fans Tim and Tina (Tim McCabe tragically died so young in 1984), the “coptic” rehearsal/party house, the young “microboppers” LaDonna and Sue, and my Brookfield (WI) Central High School buddies who came to C’dale with me: Bill Humphrey, Jim Huntzinger and the late John Clark. Fellow musicians / rival bands: Jason Ringenberg, Robbie Stokes, The Bras (especially Bob and Rick “Bra”), Katie and the Smokers, Danny “Sleeze” Imig & Carlos Penny (Dr. Bombay, Rudy and the Bouquets).

    There are so many more…. but most of all my band mates through three incarnations of David and the Happenings: Scott Morrow (guitar) Scott Nelson (bass), JJ Jackson aka Jonathan X (drums), Joel Wells (guitar), Steve Lamberson (drums) Ronnie (Rocket) Setner (guitar), Frank (Axwell) Trompeter (sax), Dave Schultz (guitar). Plus of course Jerri Lee Sparks and Lynne Vavra (The Velveteens) pictured in the photo, who sang briefly with the band and were close friends, and finally the wonderful and funny Marianne, Scott Nelson’s wife. I am proud to say I’m still in touch with most, but lost touch with Jerri Lee, Joel and Ronnie. Any clues?

    By coincidence, today, Jan. 22, is my birthday! What I gift to share the memories with you guys. Sorry for any friends who I missed mentioning, but I love you all!!

    • Thanks David for your comments and I hope that you’ll have some people getting in touch with you after they have visited this posting. Take care my friend and Happy Birthday!

  12. Thanks for stopping by and for your comments JJ. Nice to hear from you. One of my friends, Paul Collin from SIU was your roommate at Freeman Hall where I stayed my first semester at SIU in the fall of 1980. Thanks again for your comments and I hope that you and others from SIU will be able to re-connect.

  13. Also in C’dale at that time were Danny McCarty and Chris Stewart who had an electronic keyboard band called Entropic. They were doing the techno thing way before it became popular. Danny was the first person I ever knew who had a home recording studio and an Apple computer, which was prior to when the Mac came out.

  14. Thanks for another update David!

  15. Another C’dale alum coming out of the woodwork to weigh in. Jeffrey, I don’t remember you (I graduated in ’80), but I do remember seeing Martha and the Muffins at Tuts one night. I lived with John Smith in the blue house (along with Kim and Paula, and later Haim and Ronnie). Those were some amazing times. I recently located John again after more than 20 years with the help of Neatsy’s Facebook page, so Carbondale is fresh in my mind. (John, BTW, has a fabulous curatorial position at The Smithsonian). My search for John put me back in touch with Melodie, another former roommate, and we had a marathon phone chat this weekend. I’m still good friends with Jeri Lee and Marty, though Lynn and I had a parting of the ways, which continues to sadden me. I was in the film program with Scott Morrow and stayed with him for 3 weeks when I moved to L.A. in ’82 at his old place behind the Whisky-a-Go-Go. I was around during The Fiend’s heyday (Hi Dan). Very sad and strange that both Scott and Sean are gone. It’s wonderful to hear everyone’s recollections. And thanks again to Jeffrey for providing a forum for this collective flashback!

    • Thanks so much Rhonda for “weighing in” with your kind comments and stroll down memory lane. I am delighted and moved that this post has generated many comments from SIU alum and friends and hope that it continues to be a forum for people wanting to stay in touch or have some memories rekindled. Thanks again for sharing your memories.

  16. This thing is going viral…. so many Carbondale people have re-connected just in the past week. We are having an SIU reunion March 6th for those of us who were there 1978 – 1982. Joe Shanahan has generously offered the Smart Bar as the venue. This is going to be a blast!

  17. It’s amazing how this Carbondale reunion is happening and all the people who have re-connected. It’s nice that I could play a small part in this reunion by what I originally wrote here about David and the Happenings.

  18. Hi All,
    Yet another C’Dale alumni found through the magic of the series of tubes (aka the internet).
    I was a big fan of the Happenings and lived at various times with Scott Morrow and the first drummer (Steve?). I lived in the coptic house with Bob and Gerry B. I’m in constant contact with Marty Jaeger and saw Jerri Lee and Rhonda last year. Lynne Vavra and I have not spoken in 25 years and I regret that.
    Marty sent me an email link yesterday to the Artmaggots site and seeing the films brought back the 80’s in a big way.
    Going to see Sparks last night at Royce Hall at UCLA did not help.
    currently live in Los Angeles in Silverlake. I am seriously thinking about coming back for this reunion!!!
    live long

  19. I only have a second, I’m stepping out with the wife to celebrate our 17th anv. JJ led to to this blog. HI EVERYBODY!!!
    I’ll try to make it to the party on the 6th. More later.

  20. Hi Everybody,
    Wow, so many memories. I actually got to play with David and the Happenings on the Farfisa organ. I sucked and it didn’t last. I was friends with all of them.
    I remember Scott Morrow. We we film majors together. Marty (whom I haven’t seen since C-Dale) directed me to his film on YouTube.
    I showed it to my kids who were a little shocked by my contribution “Teach you to fuck with me, you bitch!”. It was only after viewing it that I found out from JJ that Scott past away. I’ve been freaked out by that all day.
    I’m spreading the word to Mike Dwass Sam DeWitt, and Alex Steyermark, who worked on sound and picture on the film. Lee Shy is another dead friend from that time who’s in that film.
    I remember all of you so fondly: David, my neighbor, Rhonda, Cassandra, Colleen, Dawn, Scott, Jeri-Lee, Lynn, Pete Catfish, and Lorna. I would love to see all of you now.
    I saw the reunion email and hope I can make it, but LA is a long way away. I miss you all.
    I was back in C-Dale this year and it was wild to be back after more than 25 years.
    You can probably find me on FaceBook. I’m already friends with Danny.
    Love to you all.
    Sam Edwards

  21. Hi Adam,

    Thanks so much for your comments. I am not sure if there are any recordings of the band–that would be something you would have to talk to David about.

    From what I understand, the reunion is going to start at 7:00pm on the 6th.

    Again, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your comments.

  22. Hello to all whose blogs I have been reading. It’s me ,Liz of Liz and Patrick Collier ( the first couple to be married) Joy, Cassandra, and Mike Rowe fame. Mike, Cassandra and I will definately be at the Smart Bar on the designated date. I am in touch with Joy, but she may not be able to come up from Carbondale as she has to be in Chicago a few weeks later. Patrick lives in the state of Oregon. I will let him know about this most exciting event!

  23. Hello all, this is so much fun to read about so many people from the amazingly fun past. Mike Rowe, Cassandra and I will definately be at the Smart Bar. Oh, it’s me, Liz of Liz and Patrick Collier fame- the first couple to be married ( and divorced 7 yrs. later ) Now our son, Christian is the age we were when we got married and now married, as well. Cassandra and I are still great friends and live only ten minutes away from each other in the Fox River valley- one stop sign and one traffic light between us. More later. Liz

  24. Hello all, this is so much fun to read about so many people from the amazingly fun past. Mike Rowe, Cassandra and I will definately be at the Smart Bar. Oh, it’s me, Liz of Liz and Patrick Collier fame- the first couple to be married ( and divorced 7 yrs. later ) Now our son, Christian is the age we were when we got married and now married, as well. Cassandra and I are still great friends and live only ten minutes away from each other in the Fox River valley- one stop sign and one traffic light between us. More later. Liz

  25. Hay Liz,
    Could you send me Patrick’s #? Great to hear you’re well! I was looking on FB last week for you two…… Man, what a coincidence. I hope to make it out there, it would be good to see ya.

  26. Hay David, Did we record anything at the place on Oak St.?
    I had recorded a couple of bands in that place but can’t remember if the Haps was one of them…
    I still have some of the tapes from that era and might have your stuff in there.

  27. If anyone has pics could you send me some. I’d love to be able to put the names & and faces together. I am older than most. 😉 especially of Lee Shy. I remember spending a bunch of “altered” time with Lee. It saddened me to hear he had passed.

  28. On a slightly different note:
    Eric Bergstrom, who was in C&P at the time we were there has found a film we made with Jerri Lee & I banging on some steel sculpture. ( Angst Urban Art ) If I can get Eric to digitize it I’ll post a link.

  29. Hey Danny, can you believe this is my first attempt at blogging, and you are the one who responded ? Kind of crazy. Yesterday Cassandra and I were having lunch and going down memory lane and when your name came up, I had a flash of being at your house listening to Entropic, and I do believe possibly watching Eraserhead. I will pass this on to Patrick, and I do have lots of photos, one where you are dancing and I’m thinking dressed in drag. Let’s keep this up! Liz

  30. I’m going to know what Cindy Wilson feels like in her off B52s years if one more person says they’re saddened by my lack of contact! Am now in touch w/John Conneely and am emailing right after this post w/ Rhonda Naeseth now Reedy. I would also like to say that I believe it was me who fell (passed out) w/a straight shot into David’s kitty litter box after some bad effects from, er, fungi (gotta watch that, David!) on a full moon party @ his place where I went on an anti-men rant. I recall others telling me I was nursed by a quite aggressive Nancy Goranson (Thompson) (who has connected w/me on FB) who continued the anti-men motif, something about chanting death to all men.

    And that’s Jeri LEE, not Jerri Lynn, as posted I think by Mindy (hi, Mindy!) I’ll have 2 get in touch w/Jeri too; it’s been a long time. Wow, Jeri & I were BFFs in High School and always got mistaken for each other. Still??? 🙂

    I visited Ian E. & stayed at his parent’s home in Surrey, UK in ’80. I think he returned to Chicago after that, but he was a prince to me in London. Did “Dave-the-Dave” pass away too? I seem to remember Mike Rowe telling me that years ago, but am foggy on it.

    OK, gotta lotta reconnecting to do…hullo to all! From Montreal (long story) –Lynn

  31. You can get to the Evite web invitation page to the party at The Metro mentioned above by going to:

    and look for the word INVITE MORE right above the word GUEST LIST and invite yourself ( your own email) and then the others will see your name and know that you are planning to come. No, I don’t know any of you but I’ve been the the lesser half of Dawn McConville ( Colleen’s roommate) for the last 20 years and have heard so many of these stories about Carbondale and David and the Happenings that I feel like I lived it too. -Talking Heads came to your parties? how cool is that?! I will encourage Dawn to chime in and fill you in, she’s never done a blog but I guess the time has come.

  32. When I think back on those days, I am pretty amazed by some of our experiences. I actually stood next to David Byrne at our party on Cherry Street and talked to him. Attempted to talk may be more apt, as he was extremely shy and uptight. I also remember bringing John Candy over to our house to make him a sandwich during the filming of our party held at Mike, Joy and Cassandra’s house. Any one out there remember that party? What a wild time! Here I am now, a mother of three sons and a first grade teacher! Still like to have some fun, though!

  33. Wow, this is great. Let’s see – nice to meet you Adam, yes I have recordings of David and the Happenings. Some day soon I hope to set up a MySpace page and post some of them on there. If anyone wants to volunteer time to help me set that up, it would be appreciated.

    Hey Danny, yes D & the Haps recorded in your home studio. I have the final mixes but if you have additional material I would love to get a copy. Please contact me at my email address listed at the end of this message.

    Lynn I remember the ‘shroom fainting incident well. It was a full moon – great memory! Well you girls were always ranting about what beasts men are, and in some cases we deserved it! I for one, appologize for any bruised feelings that may have occurred along the way. Hey, we were young and sometimes had TOO much fun!

    Liz, I was also at the Cherry Street party with David Byrne and I served him a drink. He was painfully shy, as was I with him. But he did know my brother so that helped break the ice.

    Mike Rowe – thanks for catching me every time I did a stage dive into the audience. Without you I would have probably broken some bones. Mike still lives in Chicago and remains a good friend.

    My email is:

  34. Halloween at Patrick and Liz’s house. Hide and seek. OMG! I could barely walk.

    Yep. One year I played Eraserhead in the front room window. I’m sure it was a odd treat for the folks walking down Oak St.

    To those poor souls that had to endure the torturous drumming practice coming out of my tiny trailer behind the blue house …. I’m truly sorry. 😉

  35. I am really groovin’ on all these memories everyone is sharing. Although I only knew a few of you back then–perhaps we were at the same parties and concerts. I do recall one party at someone’s home in I think Carlinville in January 1981. I remember talking to Scott and finding out that he was a huge Sparks’ fan like I was.

    I saw the Haps a couple of times when I was at SIU. I remember, at least I think I remember one gig at The Club–when David had this microphone cord that that must have been fifty feet long because he walked out of the club singing and continued singing outside. That was pretty wild.

    Keep the memories and comments coming. It’s so cool the way so many people are re-connecting here.

  36. Hello all. Talk about stabs from the past…

    David, this thing is viral because SIU alumni have always been viral. One can’t walk ten feet without bumping into a Saluki.

    The creative scene was special for all of us. The energy and level of collaboration has not been equaled in my life since, including sessions and performances with Danny, Bill Humphrey and David’s crew.

    On the “lost recordings” end of things, I do believe Scott had some “Bad Dads” tapes that I was told were quite special.

    I have hundreds of pics of Lee. I still cry over that loss.

    Jeffrey- cute kid.

    Should anyone want to contact me, please do so through

  37. He suction sociologist and spits at dirt……… 😉 P.C. circa 80

  38. Hi, this is Jill Ralston. Another SIU alumni. Back then I had big curly hair, dyed various colors, mostly burgundy… Dawn Brightfield passed this blog on to me plus I’ve received the Smart Bar evite a couple of times now. This is such a flashback. I recognize so many names on this blog. I was at SIU from ’78 to ’81 in the graphic design department and also spent some time in the photo department. I was on the concert committee for a couple of years with Pete, Joy, Cassandra, Chris, Tommy, etc. I remember the first show I was involved with was the Pretenders along with the English Beat. What a great show, nothing but dancing in the aisles. I went to so many clubs that first year out of SIU, then I moved to San Francisco for 2 years and then ended up back in Chicago. I live on the NW side of the city and do graphic design and art direction for a living. The early 80’s, What an amazing time period. At SIU I dated Chris Stewart of Entropic and I did makeup for the band. Hi to Danny McCarty, it’s been a long time. Are you still in touch with anyone from the band? I have many memories of the Oak St. house. And yes, I remember watching Eraserhead. That was after Halloween on the strip became to much to deal with. I lived on Poplar Street in the attic apartment, downstairs In the main house was Margie Schuberth, Beth Kupchik, Judy Pelum. I’m still in touch with all of them, mostly with Margie, (aka Maya Daniels). Margie sang in the Carbondale band first known as Rudy and the Bouquets, which later became Riff Raff. She’s been out in Sausalito for years and she’s still singing and doing voice work. Beth lives in San Diego and Judy in Hawaii. Does anybody know what happened to Carbondale musician Steve Mitchell? He was in the band with Robbie Foulkes. Last I heard he was in Minnesota. Didn’t David and the Happenings play at some odd place on Ashland or Western? It was not the usual place to go hear a band. Was everyone at the Martha and the Muffins show? I know I was. So sad to hear about people who have passed away. To those who remember my sister Roni, she also went to SIU, a bit earlier than me. Roni used to go out to to the clubs with me, she passed away May 2005, after a 30 year battle with cancer. I miss her terribly. To Joe Shananhan, I have your hankie – laundered, pressed and folded waiting to be returned.

  39. Hi Jill! I haven’t talked to Chris since he left Chicago. I did talk to Jeff for a while. That was in the late 90’s. I’m not sure where everyone else is.
    I’m seeing Patrick tomorrow. I’ll stop in to say hi on my way down to California from Oregon. So cool to have this hook up.

    If you want to send me some pics here’s my address:


  40. Jill, are you referring to the Space Place? I remember seeing the Haps in this old warehouse in January of 1981. I think there was another Chicago punk band The Falcons that played that night.

    That Pretenders/English Beat concert was unbelievable.

    And who can forget Ultravox on Halloween night?

  41. Eric Brightfield

    February 19, 2009 at 5:52 am

    You all may get a kick out out of the bottom link on the right side of this page, scroll up and it is the last box called “Live Traffic Feed”, click on the word “Watch Live” and you will see a list of all the locations of people visiting this page from all over the world and the times they logged in. there have been about 40 log-ins in the past 4 hours from all over the country and Korea, Kuwait, etc..

  42. Korea is an easy one–that is where I am at.

  43. Last night I dug through a grungy box looking for old photos and hit a goldmine-Jill Ralston, Jeff Deer, a bunch of party scenes at Cherry Street,a goodbye party for Patrick and me when we moved to Syracuse with nearly everyone in it, and my favorite, a bunch of us on my bed laughing as Pete Katsis is climbing in through the window. I will bring these to the reunion for anyone who is interested. Oh yes, there is a set of photos taken at a cabin in the woods featuring Chris Stewart, Danny and others playing instruments- really nice pictures. I believe the cabin had a stream running through it.

  44. Living in NY. Ok…I got the blog hookup from Jill Rolston. It was so nice to hear from her and the synchronicity of it all amazes me. I had just been on Facebook the night before looking for her and could not find her or Terry Moore.

    Then, poof! day there is an email from her. I love seeing all the names and remembering the C-dale times.

    The music that came from that town was so special. The ‘House of Doors” on Oak Street was kicking out some jams, no doubt. I still think of those days with passion.

    More later!

    It is so nice to see all the names on this blog…peace


  45. Update…I have been in NY since 1996. I spend most of my days in and around music.

    I worked in the CG world Film/TV for 15 years and taught at Pratt Institute for six years. I am no longer teaching.

    I live in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn. Beautiful Sycamore trees and Brownstones. I like growing huge ass sunflowers! HA!


    I have bunches of photos from those days…i will dig for them. Hey, Liz, Jill, Cassandra, Patrick, Sam, Joy, David, Mindy, Robert, Cate, Melodie, and all the rest

  46. Hello Danny M….what’s up….good to see you on the blog!

  47. Oh my god! LOL ! Cherry Street reunion!!! Lynn linked me to this. I lived at 606 with Mindy, Marie and Kathy. We had the pink flamingoes in our front yard around 1978-79. After graduating, lived in Chicago with John Smith. Hung out at Smart Bar, Neo’s, O’banion’s. One of my fav memories is the party at the other Cherry St digs after the Talking Heads concert and partying with those guys. Glad to see you all.

  48. Nice 2 see Nancy Pants got on. So like, I HAVE AN IDEA:

    JJ mentioned Skype-ing the Reunion for all of us who can’t make it. If it can be pulled off, I think Skype’s got recording capabilities and us No Shows can connect to the archives? If not hook in live, too. ???

    Also lotsa peeps gots photos from back in the day. Knowing how much better we all looked 28 years or so ago 😉 –what about someone bringing a scanner to the reunion and uploading our gorgeous mugs to a webpage later?

    Unless I look fat in the photo, of course.


    PS—thx Jeffrey for being the blog host-with-the-most!

  49. You are welcome Lynn. I am so happy for everyone who has been able to re-connect with old friends from SIU. I am happy that I could bring so many people together here.

  50. In regards to the mention of Skyping the reunion, and the photos that Liz, Nancy and Chris mentioned, why don’t you just scan your pictures and email them to me and I will create a digital slideshow to project at the party. It would be easy then to post a webpage of all those photos. I noticed Dawn was digging around for old photo’s of C’dale last night and found more than she thought she had. I may also add some old concert ticket stubs, sometimes those evoke as many memories as a photo. in addition, I can set up a live webcast of the party so that people who can’t make it can see it live and interact live with people that are there through the use of webcams, iSight, etc. I will contact Joe Sh. to see what kind of web connectivity is set up is at the bar. I am still amazed by the far off places that are reading this blog on a regular basis. I know Jeff is in Korea but look at the list of locations logging in to this page alone during the last 6 hours.

    Chicago, Illinois landed Marysville, Washington, Pfarrkirchen, Bayern, Daejeon, Taejon-jikhalsi., Natick, Massachusetts, Boca Raton, Florida l,Montreal, Quebec , Austin, Texas, Berwyn, Illinois, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Indianapolis, Indiana, Wichita, Kansas, Montreal, Quebec, Franconville, Ile-de-France, Japan, Chicago, Illinois, Bangkok, Krung Thep, Dipolog, Cardiff , Karachi, Sindh, Marysville, Washington, Bangkok, Krung , Seoul, Seoul-t’ukpyolsi Eskilstuna, Sodermanlands, Lan, Seoul, Seoul-t’ukpyolsi, Dundee, Dundee City, Dubai, Saint Louis, Missouri, Vientiane, Calistoga, California, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi, Delhi, Milan, Lombardia, Sterling, Virginia, Genoa, Liguria, Oak Park, Illinois, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, New York.

    Please email any fun photos to Dawn at: don’t worry about the scanner quality, most home print/fax combo printers come with a decent scanner built in. and if someone can post Joe S.’s email so I can contact him about webcasting and setting up the digital projector etc. Hopefully Dawn will find some time this weekend to add her memories to this blog. she was emailing Colleen about taking her dad’s Winnebago through town one summer, who remembers that? thanks

  51. well, since i’ve seen my name mentioned a few times here i thought i should chime in–wish i could be at the smart bar on the 6th–it was my second home for a few years.

    reconnecting recently to rhonda, david and melodie has inspired a surge of nostalgia. somewhere i have a box of black and white photos that someone (can’t remember who) took in carbondale–most memorable is jeri lee in cowhide dress and neckbrace!

    hi to nancy and lynn–would love to hear what you’ve been doing these last 25 years. i’m living in dc after stints in chicago, london, pittsburgh as curator at the warhol museum.
    best to all

  52. Hey all — this is incredible. Big hellos to Nancy, Chris, Jill, Eric and Liz. I’m giddy. Anyone who is coming to the party on the 6th, if possible PLEASE scan your old photos and put them on a CD. We will project them for everyone to see.

    Lynn, maybe you can work out the Skype thing with JJ – he’s the techinical director with the most skills.

    Space Place was the “odd place” that we sometimes played. It was a bare-bones loft down on Fulton St. Probably a condo now. You unloaded your equipment down the fire escape. One night at 2am JJ and I were hauling our stuff out of there and we got got thrown against the wall by two cops who thought we were robbing the joint.

    This is too much Jeffrey – thanks again for hosting this blog!!

  53. You are most welcome David. Like I’ve said before, I am happy that I have been able to help so many people re-connect here.

  54. Hi, John and David (and Melodie, Mindy (Mindy B by any chance?), Jill….and ALL)! John, I am so pleased for you. Sounds like you really launched from the Art Institute! Are you on Facebook? I want to hear what you have been up to! And David, I can’t believe you would even remember me. But glad you do and happy to hear from you. All is well? I look forward to this reunion on the 6th. What a hoot!

    I have pics from those days, one lovely one of John in front of the house with a very chic hat. They are at my “old” house and I’m not sure I will be able to get to them before then. Damn, cuz they are too funny.

    Some of the recollections above concern me…Lynn you passed out face first in a litter box and I had to revive you? LOL And why were we condemning men…oh, wait…
    That could not have been the same night I walked around all night with a bag of hamburger buns, was it? So many soirees, hard to keep them all straight. We were all so very social. ; )

    I’ll pass this reunion along to some others… Terrill and Ed for instance. I’ve been out of touch with most of the crowd for many years. Thanks, Lynn, for the head’s up!

  55. Hello all, I will have my photo’s scanned and put on a disk. Never done it before, but think I have a friend , or maybe KInko’s can do it. So good to see all of the old clan coming out of the wood-work

    Hello Chris Stewart! Anyone in touch with Melodie Ranstrom, Laura Moody or Maureen Murray?

  56. Hello all, I will have my photo’s scanned and put on a disk. Never done it before, but think I have a friend , or maybe KInko’s can do it. So good to see all of the old clan coming out of the wood-work

    Hello Chris Stewart! Anyone in touch with Melodie Ranstrom, Laura Moody or Maureen Murray?

    • wowsa- nice to see names from the past-hey jill we were neighbors on poplar- w/ steve allen, roy kawasaki and jimmy kramer in the back in a trailer(the house has since burned down)-and I think you gave me a punky haircut….i’m in chicago-have been since ’81-used to walk(stagger back) to smart bar and metro from my apt (ian emslie and kathy harbert were my roomates)-joy lived above me w/ her sister jana-kurt vanderea moved in after i left (hi kurt)…parties on cherry street were memorable,weren’t they? remember the big billboard poster on the wall? .. ..on old 13 w/ joy and cassandra and the english beat party we had after the show…and talking heads on cherry st…and david i don’t remember catching you after your dive bombs into the crowd at pk’s, but quarter beers probably had something to with it. i have photos somewhere-can’t wait to see y’all and catch up!

      • Hi Mike, of course I remember you, and the house next door. Catching up outside in the wee hours, taking a break from graphic design homework. So, you were one of the people I cut hair for, very brave of you. See you at the smart bar.

    • liz- you asked about laura moody-she’s in town for a conference now -i have her contact info-maureen murray i believe is in sf-bill griffith might know how to get hold of her..

  57. Yes, Liz, Melodie is on here and on Facebook.

    If anyone has 25 minutes to spare, there is a recent film documentary about my more recent life called “My Brother is James Chance” which can be viewed in its entirety here:

  58. P.S. The link above also has some excerpted film footage of David and the Happenings from 1981. I think you will enjoy it. I have the whole show from that Bloomington, IN date on a DVD and will bring it to the reunion.

  59. Thanks for posting the video link David!

  60. I’ve got lots of photos for the Smart Bar event. Which is better, should I put them on a CD and bring it to the Smart Bar or should I get them to Eric before hand? I checked out the Scott Morrow film on youtube and was surprised to see that I am in it, right at the beginning, playing a nurse. I had totally forgotten about doing that. I think I was involved in it through Mike (?) can’t remember his last name, boyfriend of Peggy French. Mike was in the film dept. at SIU. Last time I saw Peggy and Mike was mid-80’s. I was in San Francisco and they were in LA. Anyone in touch with them? Jeffrey and Dan you both mentioned the Sparks. I was a fan of them too. I had a friend in LA who turned me onto them late 70’s. Were either of you at the Patti Smith show at the Aragon Ballroom when the Sparks were the opening band. What a fabulous show. Ultravox at SIU was great. Also King Crimson with Robert Fripp.

  61. Hi again… someone asked about Laura Moody.. She’s on my friends list on Facebook. Just send me a invite and you’ll see her in my list.
    Patrick and I had a very nice chat when I stopped in to see him. Great to catch up.

  62. Whoa, this is gonna rock! Hope I don’t really have to crash in an actual comfortable bed at my sister’s house in Evanston. It would be so much more appropriate to pass out on the couch (or the floor) in a hotel room. Ahh, the Good Old Daze! peace all, check you on the 6th
    – Frank T. aka Frankie Axwell

  63. We have also scheduled an after – party dinner the following night, March 7th at 8pm

    to be at:

    Daily Bar and Grill
    4560 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago
    (At W Wilson Ave)

    Everyone is welcome.

  64. I will be there in spirit David.

    I am just happy that I could play a small part in bringing so many people together again.

  65. Hey, all-
    Believe it or not, this was passed down to me by the daughter of Evie Wexler and Dave Mylan- we were great friends who lived on Carico Street. We hung out with Colleen Pollack (the bleached blond girl), Tricia and Jona Goldschmidt, Kathy Hawk, Tony Lee, Geralyn (girl with wild hair and bad skin?) and the like……I was terribly in love with Joel Wells, and we convinced David and the Happenings to play at our house, possibly for our collective birthdays. I remember there was only one heater in the house, which got trashed early on, but you played til the wee hours of the morn. What a blast from the past.
    I married Tony Lee, had two girls with him, divorced many years ago. We’re still friends….as I am with Colleen, Evie and Trish. Are you in touch with Joel? We lost touch with Kathy Hawk, but her daughter, Carmen, has shown up as quite the celeb- she’s the Hawk in the Jojovich-Hawk clothing line, and was a high fashion model for many years. Do you remember a little girl showing up on the dance floor where you and Dr. Bombay played?
    I am so sorry to hear that Scott died. That’s simply tragic. He had a really great girlfriend down there- art student, maybe?- cannot remember her name.
    Anyway, great blast from the past- I mentioned David & the Happenings in my 50th birthday poem to my girlfriends, so apparently there was much impact on my growing up years! I will try and gather Evie and Trish (we all live in the Chicago area) for a reunion….but thank you for posting this so I could take a trip down memory lane as well.

  66. Hi, JJ!
    Hoping you remember Evie Wexler and me….we hung out with you and Kathy Hawk during Makanda Java days with Jay Street, Tony Lee, etc.
    So glad you are doing well out in L.A. All is well here- still friends with many of those same people…I married Tony Lee- Evie married Dave Mylan. We’re both divorced from them now…but will always have a nostalgic place in my heart for the C’dale days with you and our posse.

  67. Hey Jill,

    Evie just called me and said look at this site, call me at work and tell me how to do this, I’m clueless. I forwarded all of this to Jay Stemm from Makanda Java.


  68. Hello to all who remember me!
    Collen Kuczynski just sent this to me and we may try to make it on the 6th.
    So good to read about everyone!!


  69. Hell, *I* remember somethin’ about the the Morrow Beechwood apartment days in the hills of Hollywood, JJ … speakin’ of which: the heck is Mitch???

    Anywho, shout out to Colleen, Geralyn and the ever-wunnerful Evie from Homewood (right?) back when she was Homewood. Back in the day, know what I’m sayin

    Anyone know/heard from the gal in SIU’s C&P who dared star in some arty (student) film …buck naked? Great lookin; even smarter. A shout out to her, but can’t remember name as she usually flew under the radar. ie, smarter than most.

    Green with envy towards those attending Smart Bar 3/6… => Lynn

  70. Hi Jeffery. I’m not sure if I know you but I was at the parties and the houses that everyone has mentioned. I was in the Cinema & Photography Dept ’76-’80. I did the visuals at the Entropic concerts with Danny McCarty and that gang. I’m still doing visuals working as a film director in Chicago. Danny I will get you a copy of your performance with Jerry Lee soon. I’ll see if I can get it on my IPhone for the reunion. It’s great to hear names like Jerry Lee, Chris, Rhonda, Kim, Paula, ect. again. The rest of you I may know better than I think… Those parties were good! Thanks for the memories. Hope to see you at the Smart Bar.

  71. Thanks to David Mylan for letting me know about this. I have looked at YouTube now and again for content from folks I knew in CDale. Hi to Dan and Chris. . .

  72. Well, well, well…

    It’s good to see that so many of us actually survived all those wild ass adventures. There are way too many to recount, but I’ve been thinking of the Hide and Go seek party out on Old 13 with Tomita’s The Planets on a 3 second delay between the houses. Remember when Jeri Lee did that gig at the Student Center (with what band? Were they opening for the Ramones or something?) where she dressed up like a nun and sang an insane version of the Lord’s Prayer? When she ripped off her habit, the crowd went wild!

    How about the Provocative Lingerie Party? And remember the one glove invitations to the Talking Heads party? I got David Byrne to talk to me by making him some warm, buttery toast. Why did we make toast when we were altered? Admittedly, I was virtually always altered by something or other back in the day.

    All of the Happenings gigs were ground zero. And pretty much the scene of the crime, too. I am genuinely grateful my brain still functions…..and to be alive to remember what fun we had. It was crazy, but we were good to each other.

  73. Oh man the party sounds like an altered state flash back. I can’t make it out there. I used all my travel time going to California last week. Have fun and take pics. I can’t wait to see the age on some of these folks. Hay Jeff, how are ya? Drop me a note sometime. 😉

  74. Wow, this blog just bumped up a notch! Carbondale speakes back–Hey everybody! Joy, that band with Jeri and Marty was The Love Band’s one and only performance! My God, Colleen and Jay, how are you guys?? Let’s continue this conversation on FaceBook so I can send you an invitation to the party.

    The party is only two days away — please, please everyone, don’t forget to email photos from that era to Eric at

  75. Cool blog; Hello to all my pals. So sorry I won’t make the 3/6 event (headed to CA this weekend), but I’m sure you’ll do fine without me.

    Your party would improve if Lynn could make it though; too bad about that. Whassup girl?

    Danny McCarty – if you want pix of Lee Schy, reach out to his sister Terry ( She claims to have them all. I know Lee would have been wild about all this (imagine the blog).

    Love to everyone…have fun. And hey hey Liz, Jill and John Conneely !!

  76. Hats off to Jeff for starting this blog and for his amazing memory because I am now quite certain that I have forgotten much more than I remember. I believe that the outdoor concert that Jeff is referring to was at Lewis Park which ended in a fight with some redneck frat boys that I believe Joel enjoyed provoking and Scott must of had a part in starting. I am looking forward to the event on Friday and jogging some memories. I do remember the Deca-Dances, vaguely. Here’s a couple of other events that the details are pretty much gone and I am quite curious on how everyone or anyone remembers them.
    1. Spring 80 – somebody decided we should all go in mass to see a movie, I think it was the Warriors, it seemed like there was a lot of us. Remember it being great fun. Who was there?
    2. Road trip to see 999 in St. Louis, think there might of been another band too. Had a great stop in a bar in a little town on the way called Red Bud where they did not have a clue on what to make of us. Seems like Morrow was with us.Who was there?
    3. James Brown – Top of The Mark – St. Louis. Just remember David dancing in aisle and wowing all the ladies.
    Who was there?
    Hi to everyone. Look forward to anyones recollections.

  77. Is anyone from Carbondale driving up for this reunion.
    If so – please let me know.

  78. Yeah, the first time I saw the Happs was at that outdoor concert at Lewis Park.

    Thanks again for all who have stopped by here!

    Now that I see Jay has stopped by, you might want to check out this link:

    Take care!

  79. Hey Jeff Dear and ALL X-Cdale-ians….Smart Bar Inhabitants,

    I will not be making the trip back March 6th. I will be there with all my soul….

    I am glad to see Joy, Jeff Dear and more peeps joining in.

    One classic memory I have is swimming butt naked late night with a rather large group of people. I think we called it “washing machine”.

    I will send pictures….

    if you want to contact me I am on Facebook and here is my email

  80. Hello Mr. Bergstrom….

    Give me a shout out!

  81. Any late comers who did not get an eVite, you can still get into the reunion party with this password:


    Pass the word!!!

  82. I hope everyone who can make it to the Smart Bar tonight has a wonderful time.

    Although I only know a few of you, and perhaps seen many of you out when David and the Happenings were playing, but just didn’t know you the short time that I was at SIU, I am happy that this blog could be the catalyst for this reunion tonight.

    I have enjoyed reading all your comments here and getting to know many of you.

    I hope to see you around here again soon or on Facebook.

    Take care and have a great time tonight!


    I have now posted @ 200 photos that were collected from various people. Thanks to David Seigfried, Jill Ralston, Colleen Casey, Stacey Katsis, Cassandra and Dawn for most of these.
    I will also project them as a slide show at the party but you can also view them and download from two sources. I prefer to use my account but it requires the latest quicktime updates, etc. and some PC people are funny about updating their browser for Adobe updates. I also posted them to my FLick account which also has a slide show feature. I will most likely show them direct from iPhoto/laptop/projector at the party so if you want to bring your pics on a flash drive or an iPod, ( in Disk mode as files, not from your iTunes photo Gallery) I can add them to the current gallery of images on the fly. Thanks and we will see you all at the Smart Bar later tonight.

    this should open in the Carousel mode, if not click on Carousel on the lower left.

    If your browser doesn’t support the Mac gallery try this:

    best to click on the word “Slideshow” right below the Search box. btw, “evanluke” are the names of little Dawn’s (our) two boys, Evan 17 and Luke 14

    you can also still email me jpegs up until 5:00 p.m. tonight, just make sure they are RGB jpeg files, even if they are black and white, do not scan or send as greyscale or I will have to individually convert them to RGB.

    thanks, “Mr”. Dawn McConville – Eric Brightfield

  84. just a quick note, I forgot to mention that on the Flickr version of the picture gallery you can write in comments and memories under each picture when you double click on it. I could definetely see people writing notes or asking questions about individual photos. see link for an example:

  85. Eric, your photos were great. Hello to my old roomy JJ, The Cherry Street Girls – Mindy, Kathy and Nancy, David, Scott and Mariann, Joel, Cassandra, Pete, Jon Smith, Lynn, Jerri Lee, Marty, Rhonda and many more people.

    Jay from Makanda Java, Eileen from Hot Rags, Dave Mylan, Joy, Bruce Monaco and I all still live in C’dale. Carbondale is still fun, I hang out with Jay Stemm and his house always has a party going on and midnight rides on his golf cart.

    Wishing I could be at the Smart Bar tonight, but I’m flying out to Disney World for the week (spring break) for those of us who never left college. I went back to grad school and have been working at SIU for the last 20 years.

    I no longer have bleached blonde hair and I’ve toned down the purple lip stick.

    Colleen Kuczynski (formerly Pollack, but Kuczynski for the past 23 years)

  86. See you all at Smart Bar tonite!

    We lost our spot at the Daily Bar & Grill for Saturday, however. Stay tuned for a possible alternate.


  87. I must be really honest and say how scared and nervous I was in preparation of going to this gathering and as I was returning home I was overwhelmed with a degree of sadness.
    But in reflection all I can say is “WOW”, what a wonderful night for me.
    Seeing, thinking, talking, feeling, so many vibes and memories filed away in my mind, but flooding back like some emotional Tsunami.
    And some really good strong healthy hugs.
    Thank you Jeffrey, from your first D&H post to this.
    Love & Peace

  88. Eric Brightfield

    March 8, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    I went to the party with 200 pictures from all of you but came home with around 400 do thanks for bringing the cd’s and flash drives, If you did not get yours to me please go ahead and email them to me, especially you Sam, I know I never got yours. and Thanks to Jerri Lee for the 200 she brought ( except for the female bodybuilder ones :). I will then post all of the old pictures and the new pictures from the party as a group to the Mac gallery because I will set that gallery so that any one can also add their pictures directly to that gallery themselves. I will also post them to the FlickR gallery and my Facebook page. I am also thinking about creating a separate Flash based website that will be set up like a family tree so you can see lines from person to person to see who knew who from where ie, SIU, The Metro, WaxTrax, The Happenings, Ministry etc. I will also ask all to sign into a database so that you can be contacted for future events. For example Dawn and I host a big “Dead Rock Star” Halloween party every year at FitzGeralds in Berwyn. ( Remember Joe Ely there in 1987? ) the deal is you and your group come dressed as your favorite old band and then get on stage with the lights and smoke and lip sync a song that hasn’t been turned into a car commercial since. It can be as simple as the Clash, ( jeans/ white T’s) to the whole Stop Making Sense concert condensed into 21 minutes. We have had full-on KISS costumes and the conceptual, ie. JFK and Jackie O as, you guessed it the Dead Kennedy’s . It is Saturday October 24th, 2009 this year mark your calendars and I will send an invite to your address. sorry to ramble, and thanks again to Joe Shanahan for hosting the party, how about that picture on the cake??

    email pictures to :

  89. I’m feeling quite happy and a bit fuzzy. Could be lack of sleep, so much excitement. Lots of brain cells coming back to life. Most of all, I just want to say thank you to Jeffrey Miller again for this wonderful blog and the opportunity you created to reconnect with so many people from the past. Wish you could have been there Friday night. Your name was on many peoples lips. And thank you so much to Eric Brightfield for putting the slide show together. Not that we have all changed so much, but looking at our youthful 20-something selves was such a great memory trip. To those of you who did not make it, you were missed. Liz and Cassandra where were you? Joy, I was so hoping you would make it. I hope this reunion happens again sometime in the future. Peace and love.

  90. Wow Jeffrey, who would have thought that our little connection one year ago would have blossomed into all this? I was also restless and distracted all week, especially all day Friday, but as soon as those familiar faces started to show up it was all warmth and laughter. The night went by too fast, as I knew it would and I wish I could have had more time to really talk to everyone.

    It was an honor sharing the DJ stage with Joe Shanahan, thanks Joe and Cate for hosting this event. We all must never let 27 years separate us again.

    There was a small gathering at Greek Islands on Saturday night, I arrived late but in time to reminisce about Carbondale with Jill, Dawn and Colleen. What a perfect way to cap off a magnificent weekend.

    And it turns out that Jill and her husband Les live just a few blocks from me and Donna — for the past 13 years!! I am blown away yet again.

    To those who missed the party, you were there in spirit and your names were on everyone’s lips. It’s been great hearing from you here, by email and on FB.

    Love you all,

  91. You know David, I was thinking about the same thing–about how our exchange of email and the post became the catalyst for this reunion. To paraphrase a line from Field of Dreams, “if you write about it, they will come.” I just provided a forum for everyone to meet and everyone else made it happen. I am happy that I was able to play a small part in this reunion.

  92. Hey everybody, I was a bum and did not come to the party. Part of me, a big part, wishes I had. I had a bit of the nerves, but mostly I needed to see my sister and my mom down in Springfield. We’ve had some upsets in the family (unexpected death) and just had the need to be together. I would love to see people another time, but know that is tough to pull off, however, Cassandra and I plan a foray down to Carbondale to see Joy this summer. Best wishes, good health, fun, and happiness to you all. Liz

  93. *Not* a bum, Liz. Very, very sorry to hear about the loss in your family, and u def need to be near them now. Traumatic time for you & a reunion might’ve been too much. Pls say hallo! to Joy, Cassandra, and anyone else I knew while ur in C’dale. My thoughts are with you, -Lynn

  94. Hi Liz. I’m with Lynn, you are not a bum, AT ALL! Just glad to hear from you and very sorry to hear about your loss. There was talk about doing this again next year. We don’t even have to wait for that! No reason a few friends can’t get together for dinner some time. Peace to you, and Cassandra.


  95. Brian Crawford

    April 5, 2009 at 11:13 pm

    Wow. See a lot of names here that bring back great memories of a wildly creative time and place. Sorry I could not have found this prior to a get-together. The photos look great. I have not changed a bit.

    Jay Stemm – I have lived in your home town for 20 years
    Michael Carr – Do I still owe you money?
    Chris Stewart – Man do I have a story for you
    Patrick Collier – I emailed you
    Jill Sevelow – Recognized you right away in the photos

    I am reachable at cdalebc(at) if anyone is so inclined.

  96. Wow…

    Memories (like the something in my mind, minty water colored Memories…blah blah blah)

    I can be found at MelodieSays on facebook…

    Mindy! I need to hear the scary story!

    LIz, Cassandra, Joy!

    I’m back in touch with Colleen and David S…
    and Lynnie and Rhonda and Marty… and The John Smith…

    We lost Kevin Wills and
    Sadly, yes, DavidtheDave passed…. around 1983 ish…

    Glad we have this forum!


  97. Hay Jeff Dear, Send me your email address……

  98. I feel as if I should know you, Alan. We surely crossed paths. Please join us on FaceBook! We’re all still waiting for Joel.

    I don’t think you’re supposed to understand Eraserhead, just enjoy it in its strangeness.

    – David

  99. Hey Alan,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments. Another voice from Carbondale heard from on this post. It’s been great how so many people have reconnected here and then moved over to Facebook.

    I’ve also seen Eraserhead a couple of times and like David said, one just has to enjoy it for its strangeness.

    Thanks again for stopping by!


  100. I loved reading this stuff.

    I lived in Carbondale from 1978 to 1983. I never went home during the summers.

    I’m a criminal defense lawyer in Chicago now. (After Carbondale…how could I ever be a prosecutor.)

    I have such fond memories of those Carbondale Days, when I took Cinema classes and made movies. I met Scott Morrow, and his girlfriend, Lorna, and Scott’s roommate, Tony, all “studying” C & P.

    That was my introduction to David and the Happenings.

    David…you were real cool. The whole time in Carbondale was so unique.

    I remember (although…some of the stuff is a bit difficult to remember…it was Carbondale…and Nancy Reagan had not yet told me to JUST SAY NO)….playing my 16 mm movie during a break at a David and the Happenings gig.

    I moved away in 1983…but those times are still alive in my memory.


  101. Perry? I remember you. Wow it has been a long time. I’m in Chicago too. You should join us over on FaceBook. There are murmurings of another reunion at Smart Bar next year.

    The blog continues to draw them in, Jeffrey!


    • I know, David. It’s really nice how this blog post has become a gathering point for SIU folks to reconnect with everyone and then move over to Facebook.

  102. Yes, there are murmurings of another reunion at Smart Bar next year. We are hoping to have it in March 2010. I am helping to organize it and will send out more information when I have more. Stay tuned.

  103. Brian Duckworth

    April 1, 2010 at 7:06 am

    David and the Happenings at The Club. Didn’t get better than that.

    I remember dancing on the bench seats and occasionally on the tables and bar, and the bass player (Scott?) patiently lifting his bass up 200 time a night so people could get to the bathrooms or out the back for a smoke. I also remember chemistry lab with David when he got back from playing in Bloomington or Champaign or some other place the night before. I only knew you guys from the music scene in Carbondale and David from some classes, but I remembered you enough to Google “David and the Happenings” to find this site 28 years later.

    The only other thing I remember about those nights in The Club was the girl with the dark hair and long French bangs. I was crazy about her. I think it was the beginning of the fall semester 1981 and I booked my friend’s band at the Club; he had just put together a band that played mostly good dance covers that summer they called The Vertigo-goes. I showed up and the manager didn’t have any of the equipment he had promised and my friend Kris, never having performed in anything but a garage or backyard before, was freaking out. Eventually they got the equipment together, maybe some of it was from you the Happenings, and by the end of the night the Happenings and the Vertigo-goes where playing together.

    When they kicked us out and turned on the lights I stood up on the bar and said anyone that wants to keep partying (was partying a verb then?) go to 510 West Walnut. Almost every person in the place went out the back door and down the street to our apartment. We had no booze but we still had a good party until the police came. At any rate, thanks for the good times. You rocked.

    • Brian,

      Thanks for sharing your memories of David and the Happenings and what it was like to perform at the Club. I can still recall David having what seemed like 100 feet of microphone cable and walking outside the bar and singing from the sidewalk.

      David and other SIU alumni stop by here from time to time to see who has stopped by; I know David will be pleased to read your comments.

      Thanks again.

  104. Jeffrey Gleeson

    April 10, 2010 at 5:23 am

    WOW! What a cool surprise to find this web site. I’m out of time to write much now, but will get back later. Hi Jill S.; Jill R.; Brian C.; Colleen K.(say hi to Al); and, of course, hello Jay.

    • Jeffrey,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting. There’s a David and the Happenings reunion at the Smart Bar in Chicago on April 16th.

  105. Just in case we have missed anyone, there is a SIU reunion taking place this Friday night at Smart Bar. And it will be quite the event with David and the Happenings performing live. Doors open at 6:30pm, the band goes on at 8:00pm. We are also planning a casual dinner on Saturday at The Orbit Room. Everyone is invited. Jeffrey, thanks again for your wonderful blog. It is the push that got the ball rolling.

  106. Hi Jeffrey and everyone,

    I haven’t visited this blog for a while and it’s nice to see posts from Brian Duckworth and Jeffrey Gleeson on here. The reunion April 16 was a big success by any measure. The only thing missing was some good friends who were not able to make it. J.J. had a show to direct but the rest of the band all showed up and we played a fun set. I had lots of energy to spare and could have performed all night. To see clips of the show, just go to YouTube and search for “David and the Happenings”. There are old some videos of the band from 1981 on there too.

    It’s cool that people are still finding this blog!. Come on over to FaceBook for more happy connections you guys! Take care, David

  107. Looks like I’m a little late to the party, but I saw some people I remember for my days 1978-1983 as a Dawg. Loved the David and the Happenings shows, lived in Lewis Park at the time of the outdoor. Perry Grimaldi you where on my floor Freshmen year; this is Geno! Email if you like and we can catch-up. Some people I’ve kept in touch with over the years and lots of us have re-connected on FB. I worked with SPC for a while too and not surprised some folks are in show biz. There was a lot of talented people there. Very cool and fun blog, keep it up! Gene Evans

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