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2015-09-04 06.50.53Not long after I arrived in Korea in 1990, I started having breakfast at Paris Croissant in the Kangnam subway station. My buddy, Ken, told me about the place where a fellow could get a fried egg, toast, and coffee for a couple thousand won. Not a bad deal.

On many a morning, before I started teaching my first class at ELS, a language school in southern Seoul, I had my breakfast at Paris Croissant, sitting elbow to elbow with office ladies, dipping my buttered toast in the egg yolk, washing it down with black coffee, and listening to Frank Sinatra. (“Seoul Movement”)

This past week, The SolBridge coffee shop started serving morning breakfast. For 3,000 won a fellow can get two pieces of toast, fried egg, and a cup of joe. Not a bad way to begin the day.

Although there were no office ladies or Frank Sinatra, I felt as though I had stepped back in time, twenty-five years.


  1. Growing up in a family of 12 (10 kids all from the same parents) We often had eggs for dinner. To this day though, the best breakfast food is eggs over easy, which I smash mercilessly, and eat open faced sandwich style on toast.

    • Jeffrey

      September 6, 2015 at 3:30 pm

      Don, after all these years living overseas, when it comes to the perfect comfort food, you can’t beat fried eggs and toast for breakfast.

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