There are good photos and then there are bad photos. And then there are some that are just too painful to look at. 

Take for example this photo of Drew Carey and myself taken back in 2002 when Drew was in Seoul as part of a USO tour (along with Wayne Newton and Bo Derek) that I was covering for an article for the Korea Times. You’d think I would have taken a harder look at myself in the mirror that afternoon and tried to do something with my hair. I was going through my “I am going to wear my hair long again” phase and just didn’t know that I looked like a middle-aged Danny Partridge. 

Then again, Drew was pretty cool when he met me at the USO reception held in a courtyard outside the Hyatt in Seoul. He must have thought I was pretty hip when he saw me and said, “Hey man, how’s it going?”  

Later I found out that we are the same age (he was born five days before me). 

Be that as it may, that is not going to change anything. I am forever going to look like a middle-aged Danny Partridge in this photo.