iceCreamHeadache Smash 5

Well, not exactly good-bye, but now it’s time to get ready for another journey back to the 1960s and 1970s with When A Hard Rain Falls.

I feel a little sad to be moving onto the next book after having spent nearly two years writing it and promoting it. You put so much into it and bare your soul with every word that you write.

Although I wrote When A Hard Rain Falls before I wrote Ice Cream Headache, it was one of those stories that needed a little time to ferment before it was ready to see the light of day. And for the next year, I devoted all my time to Ice Cream Headache.

It’s hard to move on to a new book when you spent so much time devoted to it.  I love Ice Cream Headache. I am glad that I wrote this story. Writing it was a chance for me to go back home; back to 1968 when I was a ten-year-old living in Oglesby. We all need to go back home at one time or another.

If you haven’t journeyed back in time with Ice Cream Headache, you really should.