That’s what I am always curious to know when I see the number of hits some of my posts get, like the ones about-Buckacre, Howard Air Force Base, David and the Happenings, Family Classics with Frazier Thomas, and Panmunjom to name but a few.

And I am quite delighted when someone leaves comments, like some recent ones on the post about Howard Air Force Base. One person’s comments in particular helped me to remember the name of a department store-the Gran Morrison across the street from the Ancon Inn that I used to go as well as the name of the Napoli Italian Restaurant.

Along the way I have been able to reconnect with some people and others have written to me directly hoping that they can locate someone they haven’t seen in some time or in the case of one family member of a soldier killed in the Korean War, ask me how they can get in touch with other veterans who might have known their family member.

I am just pleased that what I write about and the people who do come here enjoy what they read and maybe find what or who they are looking for when they visit. Of course, not everyone finds what he or she is looking for and I am sorry if I can’t always offer the specific information one is looking for when they visit this blog.

It’s just too darn bad that I am not making any money off this blog. Donations, anyone? Just kidding.

I am just happy that this blog is serving a good purpose for some people.