It’s my last night in Bangkok—for this trip—and I am standing outside the 7-11 on Soi 5 waiting for Jimmy Wong to arrive. A torrential thunderstorm just hit the city and the streets are under water. I managed to catch the Bangkok Skytrain before the rains came, but by the time I got to the Nana Station, the rain was coming down really hard. I couldn’t even cross Soi 7 because it was under a few inches of rushing water.

Tonight I want to begin some work on a new tattoo, another cover-up on my left arm. Just do some of the outline this time and then wait again until March when I am in Thailand again. I haven’t even finished up this vacation and I am already planning for when I am back here in March. That’s the way it has been ever since I started getting tattoos from Jimmy. The work that Jimmy will do this evening will keep me dreaming and thinking about these new tattoos until then.

The electricity is out on Soi 5 so I am not even sure if Jimmy has arrived or is stuck in traffic when I get to his shop around 10:30. The usual busy soi with people parading back and forth from Gulliver’s to the main strip is eerily quiet. The only sound is some far-off thunder as the storm moves south toward the Gulf of Siam as well as the rushing water on the streets.

It has been a good holiday and I am extremely pleased with the work that Jimmy has done this time. My right arm is almost finished. Jimmy needs to do some more background work and add a few details when I am here again in March.

I am really excited about the upcoming tattoo convention here next year. It is going to be a big event—the first of its kind in Thailand. Jimmy and his daughter Joy have been very busy getting things organized and preparing for the convention. He has been lining up sponsors (Singha Beer is already on board) and in the process of inviting tattoo artists to come. There have been numerous tattoo conventions in Thailand, but this is the first international one.