Before The Onion, there was National Lampoon.

I grew up with National Lampoon from high school to college. The magazine’s heyday was back in the 70’s along with Rolling Stone and Crawdaddy. Those three magazines were all you needed to stay up to date with music, politics, movies, and of course humor.

One of my favorite issues of National Lampoon was the magazine’s special “high school yearbook” issue. A few years ago I found a copy online and didn’t mind shelling out forty bucks for this classic issue.

This cover of a National Lampoon issue was from November 1980. I was going to Southern Illinois University at the time and really getting into new wave/punk music. I definitely got a kick out of the artwork.

Well, it’s another Thanksgiving in Korea and I am not too keen on spending this one alone here in Daejeon but that is the way it is going to be.

It was different when I was living in Seoul. At least I could go to the USO for a Thanksgiving feast.

Now, it’s just one more thing to depress me even more.