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Have Yourself a Merry Beatles’ Christmas

Have Yourself a Merry Beatles’ Christmas.

“Good King Wencelas last looked out

On the Feast of Stephen, Ho!

As the slow ray around about

Deep and crisp and crispy.

Brightly show the boot last night

On the mossty cruel.

Henry Hall and David Lloyd,

Betty Grable, too-oo-oo.”

If you haven’t gotten into the Christmas spirit yet, musically speaking that is, or you are looking for something a little more nostalgic-albeit rock and roll nostalgia-to get into the musical spirit of the season, you might want to find a copy of The Beatles’ Christmas message recordings which were recorded for their fan club members from 1963-1969.

I first wrote this essay a few years ago on my blog and updated it again last year. If you are a Beatles’ fan and you never heard of these recordings, you will find this blog post quite interesting.

The first time I heard these messages was back in 1978 while listening to the Dr. Demento broadcast from an FM station in LA. Ever since then I have always listened to these messages around the holidays. They are much easier to find these days then they were back in the early 80s when listened to them again.

I hope you will be able to find them and enjoy listening to them.


  1. I just learned that the world’s only official John Lennon Museum (which is in Japan) will close soon.

  2. Jeffrey,
    When I immigrated to the U.S Thirty years ago, the first album I bought was the Beatles. My favorite songs from that album were and still are “Yesterday” and “Imagine”. These two songs sort of reminded me of home and all the trouble I have been through.

    • Salalao,

      Music definitely has a way of reminding us from some period from our lives–good or bad. I can only imagine (pun intended) how special and precious that first album you bought was for you when you came to the States. Here you were, traveling to a new country, with the promise of a new and better life and the first album you bought was by a group that had defined the 60s and influenced music forever.

      “Imagine” was and will always be one of my favorite John Lennon songs. One of my favorite Lennon songs–and one that gets a lot of playing time on my iPod, is “Beautiful Boy, Darling Boy.” he wrote the song for his son Sean, but for any father with a son, it could be about their son(s). I know, it makes me think about Jeremy Aaron every time I hear it.

  3. Their music is definitely a timeless classic. Beautiful Boy, Darling Boy is a nice song, just think you’ll be reunited with your son again soon. 🙂

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