and an angry granny out to kick some major butt when her grandson is not treated well at school.

The Digital Chosun Ilbo reported yesterday that “a student’s grandmother battered a teacher as stunned students watched at an elementary school in Seoul last week.

According to the Seoul Office of Education on Tuesday, the third grade teacher, identified as Bae, was attacked while teaching class at a school in Songpa district in eastern Seoul on Thursday.

The parents and maternal grandmother of a student identified as Kim barged into the classroom while Bae was teaching and began a loud quarrel about whether the teacher has discriminated against Kim.

During the argument, the grandmother began pulling the teacher’s hair and the quarrel turned into a scuffle. Alarmed students notified other teachers who subdued the attacker. Bae was taken to a nearby hospital and discharged a week later.”

Wow, nothing like having grandma opening up a big can of whoop ass. It’s not clear just how far she went; probably just a lot of yelling, pushing, and some hair pulling. Not sure if that qualifies grandma “battering” a teacher, though.

So, what was it that pushed the wrong buttons for grandma?

“Kim’s family was unhappy about his teacher’s allegedly negligent attitude, which they saw when Kim was absent from school and the teacher failed to call to ask why, the school said.”

Now wait a minute, the family was angry because the teacher didn’t bother to call when the youngster was absent from school. Hmm…shouldn’t it be the other way around for the parents to inform the teacher that their son is going to miss school?

But maybe, the parents were just a little jealous that other kids got better treatment.

“The parents of another student said that Kim’s parents couldn’t control their anger when they complained to the teacher that their son had received fewer tickets for the school bazaar held the previous day than other students.

According to the school, Kim’s family visited the teacher in the hospital and reconciled with each other on Monday. Kim has transferred to another school.”

All’s well that ends well I guess.