and especially if you try and break up with her as one unfortunate Korean man found out recently in a story reported by the Korea Times. 

“Police Monday arrested a woman Monday for the attempted murder of her boyfriend.

Last week, the 22-year-old woman, identified as Kim hired a 21-year-old man to give her boyfriend a ‘lesson’’ because he tried to break up with her, according to police officials. On Jan. 23, the woman invited her boyfriend to her house. The man ambushed and assaulted him, causing severe wounds.

The two then decided to kill him to cover up the assault. They put the boyfriend in the trunk of a car and drove for two days searching for a place to bury him.

When the boyfriend told her that he was sorry and promised to ‘make her happy forever,’ she changed her mind and the two released him.

However, this was not a happy ending for her. The boyfriend called the police and the woman and man were immediately arrested.” 

What gets me is the woman and her male friend drove around for two days trying to find a place to bury her boyfriend and then, when the estranged boyfriend says that he’s sorry, she has a change of heart. I guess she never really wanted to hurt him; just wanted to teach him a “lesson” as reported in the article.