The last time I was in Vientiane, On and I saw this man selling hammocks around Nam Phou Place. He was pushing a bike piled with these hammocks—no doubt handmade—and as soon as he saw a foreigner, he would try to sell one of these hammocks. 

Except, when he made his pitch, it just needed a little more work. “Hello, hello. How much?” 

Of course On and I thought that was pretty funny the first time he accosted us and tried to sell one of his hammocks. It just sounded so funny because all he probably needed to do was work a little more on his English skills, especially if he wanted to sell any of his hammocks.

We sometimes joked about it when we talked on the phone before I came back this time. Well, this time On and I did not see him at all we were walking around Nam Phou Place.

Maybe he should have worked on those English skills after all.