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How not to write a news story

Having been a freelance and feature writer for the Korea Times I know how hectic it can get for copyeditors to have to edit a story before it goes to print, but I think with the following story, someone should have paid a little more attention to how it read and editing it before sending it off to the online version of the paper.

Sounds like it might have been a direct translation of a Korean article. No one could sit down and write this bad, right?

It’s just too bad it had to be a story about a tragedy.

“A jockey fell to death from his horse during the seventh race at Seoul Race Park on the southern outskirts of Seoul Saturday.

Jockey Im Dae-kyu, 41, collapsed from racehorse No. 11, Crown Forever, at the entrance to the third corner of the course around 6 p.m., one minute after the start, after losing balance as the horse had its fore left leg broken caused by uneven landing.

With consciousness lost, Im was immediately sent to the emergency room of Hanlim University Hospital in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, but died at 6:57 p.m., the Korea Race Authority (KRA) said.

The hospital cited wound of the skull as a major cause to death of Im, who is the president of Korea Jockey Association.

Jockey Lee Joon-hee was the last death during race when he fell on June 30, 1996.

The KRA decided to cancell the remaining three races this day and all the 11 races Sundaydue to the fatal accident in an emergency meeting.”

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    I am still alive in Seoul. Please write when you have the chance. Would love to meet. Can travel.

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