JM_WAHRF_eBook_finalSo you’ve self-published your first, second, third, or whatever number book. As soon as you hit “enter,” “send,” or “submit” that’s when the real fun begins!

I’ve recently self-published my sixth book in four years and though it might seem easier when it comes to marketing and promoting your book, there are always new challenges with each new book.

As soon as you publish your book and send it out into the world, your friends and family quickly rally to support you. But then once that pool begins to dry out the reality sets in that you have a lot of work to do. There are many ways to market and promote your book. Here are some ideas which have helped me:

Thanks to having already created a website and Facebook Page most of the hard work has already been done. I have an established network of friends, acquaintances, and readers who follow my updates regularly and know when I have come out with a new book.

However, once you get past that initial sales spike from those friends and readers, that is when the fun begins. How do you get them to work for you?

It goes without saying that reviews drive sales but there is no substitute for word of mouth. What I do is when one of my friends publishes a book, I talk it up a lot on my Facebook page with my friend (after I have read and reviewed it). This can be a little time consuming because you do have to read a lot, but it has helped me to get more exposure for my books. In addition, people take notice if you promote other authors. You would do the same if you went to see a great band over the weekend. On Monday morning, you would tell everyone about that band.

Hmm…do the math. Two or three bucks for cover charge. A couple drinks. More than what you would pay for an eBook, right?

Another thing you can and should do is write/blog about things which are related to your book without mentioning your book other than in the introduction or the conclusion. For example, some of the action in When A Hard Rain Falls takes place around the Hennepin Canal, so I plan on writing about the canal on my blog. I’ve done the same thing for places in South Korea (Waking Up in the Land of The Morning Calm).