There are good reviews and there are bad reviews.

Then, there’s this one.

I’m not even sure if the reviewer even read the book because he sure doesn’t have much to say about the book other than to throw some literary reference into the review (taking up almost half of the review) and then mentioning that the book suffers from bad sentences. That’s it. Gee, I wonder if the reviewer woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

I sent an autographed copy of my novel to the reviewer in February in addition to an email. I never got a reply to the email. I waited a month and sent another email asking if he received the book. Didn’t get an answer. Finally, a few weeks later, I sent another email, this time to the editor just to inquire if my book had indeed been received.

Shortly after I sent the email, I got a response from the editor apologizing for the lack of communication and that the problem had been resolved.

I in turn got a lousy review.