That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out: the best way to promote my book. I’ve done pretty much everything I could do with Facebook and my blog and now I’m trying to find other ways to promote the book. Frankly, I’m a bit disappointed that the book has not done as well as I thought it would in South Korea or my hometown where a lot of the drama takes place.

This could be one of the pitfalls with self-publishing. Some people might not take you as seriously as they might if you were with a more recognizable and established publisher.

It’s been suggested that I make up some flyers and send them off to organizations like the VFW. I think this a good idea.

I am also looking into this site called Book Buzz, where for $99 they will do some promoting for your book.

I am still counting on “word of mouth” promotion for my book; that’s why I’ve put a lot of stock into Facebook for spreading the word is it were.