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Hunkering down for Chuseok (2010)

Chuseok (Korean Harvest/Ancestral Holiday) has arrived and time for some hunkering down here in Daejeon.

This year the holiday is smack dab in the middle of the week, but that has not stopped many people from stretching this into a nine-day vacation.

It is a six-day vacation for me. Don’t have to teach on Friday. Sounds great doesn’t it? Too bad a lot of the country will be “closed” for the duration of this holiday. All the usual places I go for food will be closed for two-three days. Of course, HomePlus is open as is Mickey D’s there.

Better to hunker down at home than having to mess with crowded bus terminals like Seoul Express Bus Terminal (above) and crowded highways. It was bad enough having to fight the crowds at HomePlus–kind of like how it would be on a Sunday a week or two before Christmas.

It’s also a sloppy holiday this year–it’s been raining on and off most of the day.


  1. This must be similar to the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrate by the Chinese and Vietnamese. I would love to have a holiday at this time of the year.

  2. Yes, I think it is the same because tonight in Korea is the harvest moon; alas it is raining here so no visible moon tonight.

  3. Jeffrey – I guess is best to stay home to avoid all those traveling folks. I just found out that one of my friend been working/vacationing in Korea for the past couple weeks. After seeing few pictures from her facebook, it appears that she has been eating well in Korea and probably gained few pounds. LOL.. I made the same comment on her facebook, I’m still waiting for her reply.

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