You heard me right. I hate Facebook. No, hate is too nice of a word. I loathe Facebook.

Why, pray tell, would someone who spends 2-3 hours a day posting, commenting, uploading, and talking about his books, come out and make such a scathing claim?

What’s wrong, Jeffrey? Aren’t you getting enough “likes” on your posts? Are people merely “liking” your book plug posts instead of actually clicking on the link? Have you been to Farmville just one too many times?

The answer is none of these.

I hate Facebook for one simple reason.

It makes me homesick.

For years, I’ve gotten by living in Korea without missing too much about home. Sure, over the past 22 years the holidays have been rough from Thanksgiving to Christmas but they have been bearable. I’ve been able to keep some traditions alive like sending greeting cards and for a couple of years even putting up a Christmas Tree. And what I have missed I’ve been able to articulate and reflect on my own terms in my writing (Invaders from Mars and Other Tales of Youthful Angst) or this blog.

Then Facebook came along and the next you know, everyone’s posting their holiday pics of plump roasted turkeys, mounds of mashed potatoes, stacks of pies and cakes for starters followed by brightly decorated real Christmas trees…well, you get the picture and then some.

Facebook is a place to share and we share every aspect of our lives. We tell people where we are at, what we’ve just eaten, and when we’re going to go to bed. It’s like a surreal cyber Waltons.

I love Facebook. It keeps me connected to home, but it also makes me miss home and my friends a lot. The past week has been brutal and there’s still four more weeks to get through until Christmas.

Excuse me if you don’t see me around Facebook too many times around the holidays.