Thunderstorms rolled into the area last night and now, at 8:00 in the morning it is still raining here in Daejeon.  

A good day to either curl up with a good book or go out and get a pizza and watch a good movie. A good book is not a problem. I might start devouring The Making of Star Wars, this massive tome I picked up when I was in Bangkok last month. Hard to believe that it was thirty years when the first Star Wars movie was released. I was stationed in Panama at the time and had come home on a thirty-day leave when I saw the film in Chicago. As soon as the film began with the opening musical fanfare by John Williams, the crawling opening titles and one of the Imperial ships flying overhead and practically filling the entire screen, my first reaction was “Wow!” Sure, the film’s special effects might pale in comparison to the special effects that have been used in films since, but in 1977 they were like nothing else anyone had ever created before. 

As for watching a good movie, well that might be a little harder. I still do not own a TV here. How about that? Almost six months since I returned to Korea and I still don’t have a TV. And you know, other than watching some good movies from time to time, I do not miss having a TV.  

One of the things that I wanted to do when I returned to Korea was not get bogged down with a lot of possessions like I was before I left last year. Just wanted to lead the simple life this time around. Nonetheless, when I look back on my life a year ago, I had a pretty comfortable life here in Korea. It’s just too damn bad my quality of life as far as work was concerned took a nose-dive and everything came tumbling down. 

Called On this morning. She’s visiting her family in Laos for a few days. She’ll be heading back to Bangkok later this week. It’s only been eight days since I have been back here in Korea and I am missing her so much. More now than the last time I came back here after being with her. 

Now, just listening to rain falling outside. Enjoying a cup of coffee.

Thinking about the day ahead of me.