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Do you ever remember parts of dreams that you might have dreamt years and years ago?


Is it possible for certain images from dreams to remain long after you first had the dream?


Could these images, be subconscious snapshots of something we might have seen or experienced but somehow became part of a dream?


Last night, while I was lying in bed I was thinking about this and some dreams that I had long ago. That’s when I remembered this one dream I had about being in a small Midwestern town. The image I have of this dream has become a little fuzzy, but I can still make out some of the details like the buildings.


What I would like to know is why have I still retained this image of some dream I had many years ago?


What exactly is the significance?


  1. I still remember dreams that mad an impact on me. Very happy ones, sad, scary

  2. I have recurring dreams sometimes. It can be months or years between, and I have often wondered why they repeat. Maybe someone who interprets dreams can help answer your question.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    I once had this one dream repeatedly, sometimes 3-5 times a month for almost ten years. In the dream I was back in Panama where I was stationed in the Air Force from 1976-1978. I wasn’t too happy when I was there and only thought about going back to the States. Not long after I got out of the Air Force in 1980, I started dreaming that I was back in Panama. The dream was always the same: I was back in my barracks hanging out with the people I had been stationed with. What I can recall most about the dream was that I was telling my former military buddies about what was troubling me at the time and so on. They never really offered any help, only telling me that I should stay and not go. And just when I started to think about staying was when I woke up.
    I guess I must have been feeling a little guilty for not taking advantage of being overseas, experiencing a new culture and seeing the world even if I was in the military.
    Maybe I really did miss out on something when I was overseas.
    The dreams suddenly stopped in 1989 before I went to Japan to teach.
    After about a year in Japan I went back to the States and came back to Asia in 1990 and have been here ever since.
    I have never had that dream again.

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