Today is the 62nd anniversary of Operation Chromite or as it is better known as, the Inchon Landing.

In 2000, when I was a feature writer for the Korea Times, I covered the ceremony as part of the newspaper’s coverage of  Korean War commemorative events.

On that day, a typhoon was battering the peninsula and the ceremony had to be moved indoors. Braving the elements, myself and a photographer from the newspaper took the subway to Inchon and got to the ceremony just in time. I wasn’t on any media list, so after some fast talking on my part (I was the only non-military American there) I was permitted to enter. I had the chance to interview a few veterans and then, had to get back to the newspaper quickly to file the story before the 2:00pm deadline.

In fact, I was the ONLY foreign reporter to cover the event for the English-language dailies in Korea.

That article as well as the back story is just one of the many essays and stories in Waking Up in the Land of the Morning Calm.

I also refer to the landing in War Remains when I described General Douglas MacArthur trying to get the Navy to support his amphibious landing:

I can almost hear the ticking of the second hand of destiny. We shall land at Inchon and I shall crush them.