You might think so if you happened to read a story in the Digital Chosun Ilbo today about Hollywood’s rough treatment of Korea in movies.

According to the article, “another Hollywood movie is stoking criticism of U.S. attitudes toward Koreans.”

The romantic comedy Because I Said So, which was released in Korea last Thursday, “features a Korean-run massage parlor at the beginning where the staff shout “fast, fast”, are atrocious at massage, listen in on the conversations of the customers and talk about them behind their backs in Korean. Many viewers here felt it was hard to concentrate on the rest of the movie because of the unpleasant feelings that generated.”

I haven’t seen the movie, but I wonder if those scene descriptions really warrant any ill feelings that Hollywood is coming down too hard on Korea.

What I am not sure about though, is how the story’s lead about two USFK service members being released by police authorities after having sexually assaulted a Korean woman is tied in with Hollywood’s supposed rough treatment of Korea. But I guess if one needs a lead to rile up everyone about Hollywood’s unfair treatment of Koreans, it’s probably as good a lead as any.