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It’s a John Lennon weekend


Yesterday, when I visited Google I was surprised and then moved when I saw the John Lennon animation.

It’s a John Lennon weekend and we’re all remembering the man, the musician, the artist, the father, and the husband who touched so many lives with his music.

Even my blog has seen a surge in traffic for the posts I wrote about Lennon on the 20th anniversary of his death in 2000 (it was originally an op-ed piece that was printed in the Korea Times in December 2000). Had 244 hits today and around the same yesterday.

Nearly 30 years after his death outside his Dakota apartment in December 1980 the world has not forgotten him.

I remember back in 1990 on what would have been his 50th birthday how radio stations around the world played “Imagine” at the same time.


It’s been a John Lennon/Beatles’ day on my iPod.

And I’m up to page 292 in John Lennon: The Life by Philip Norman. The Beatles have just recorded “Please, Please Me.” If you haven’t read Norman’s bio please do. And when you finish, you might want to read Shout the definitive Beatles’ story, also by Norman.

How are you remembering John Lennon on his birthday?

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  1. I thought it was nice for Google to have done that also, and his music is a timeless classic.

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