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Johnny Thunders: July 15, 1952 – April 23, 1991 — We miss you so much



  1. What’s your take on Johnny’s death? Do you think someone killed him?

  2. I know there has been a few theories surrounding Johnny’s death–drug overdose, leukemia, and possible murder. One thing is certain, his room was trashed and his clothes, passport and other belongings were stolen, so it is quite possible that someone could have killed him. If it was a drug overdose, why would someone break into his room and steal all those things, unless someone was there with him. And then, if someone was there with him, why would they steal those things? So yeah, I think someone killed him.
    What a tragic ending for this rock and roll legend.

  3. Isn’t that the way it always seems to be.
    Botched investigations, and dismissed as a degenerate drug addict by the investigators, who feel they are a class level above and beyond.

    i.e. Sid and Nancy. Speaking of which Sid and Johnny Thunders collaborations were and still are some of my favourite songs.

  4. Jeffrey Miller

    April 25, 2007 at 2:02 am

    Yeah, it definitely was a botched investigation. It was all too convenient for the investigators to pass it off as a drug overdose and blame it on a degenerate lifesytle. Okay, so Johnny used drugs; so have a lot of people, but Johnny deserved much better in the investigation of his death. Society makes me sad.

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