It’s been a week since I last lit up.

Almost five years to the day that I started smoking again (after having quit for five years) I am trying to quit again.

I had my last smoke last weekend in one of the smoking rooms at Incheon Airport before flying to Bangkok. I believe if one is thinking about quitting there’s probably no better time to kick the habit if you have to fly somewhere. If you can make it six-eight hours without a smoke, you are almost there for getting through the first day.

Why quit now when I am off to Thailand for three weeks? Let’s face it, it’s pretty hard to quit smoking in Asia. Cigarettes are still pretty cheap here. In Korea, a pack of smokes will set you back 2,500 Won (about $2.50) and in Thailand around 60 Baht (about $2.00). Yeah, probably not the place you would want to kick the habit.

I just felt it was time to quit again. I should have never started smoking again after I had quit for five years. I gave in when I shouldn’t have. Well, here I go again. The first 24 hours were not as rough as I thought they would be.