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“Kit Kat” Copy Cat

Kic Ker

Imitation might be the cheapest form of flattery unless a little logo borrowing is involved.

The other day I was in this Mom and Pop shop (kagae in Korean) in the mood for some chocolate when I espied what I thought was a bag of Kit Kat candy bars. At least from a distance and in the dim light of the shop it appeared—judging from the bright white “K’s” that they were this popular candy bar.


As I got closer and picked up the bag, it wasn’t Kit Kat. Instead, the folks at Crown came up with their own version of Kit Kat called “Kic Ker.” Nothing like a little logo copying with those big “K’s” to throw you off your path to chocolate nirvana. I guess if you can’t have your Kit Kat you can always have your Kic Ker.

I am not too surprised, though. For years there has been another candy bar rip off here with “Crunky” which tries to pass for a Nestle’s Crunch.

To paraphrase comedian Arsenio Hall, it’s another one of those things in Korea that makes you go “Hmm….”

And the taste (yes, I did buy a bag)—well to paraphrase the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen’s dig at Dan Quayle in a VP debate back in the late 80s when he told Quayle “I knew Jack Kennedy and Senator you’re no Jack Kennedy”—I know the taste of a Kit Kat and this is no Kit Kat.

The folks at Hershey’s have nothing to worry about.


  1. I picked one up at an Indian grocer made in Turkey called DiDo … same sort of four finger bar but with fake chocolate on the outside … definitely nothing for KitKat to worry about.

  2. yes it is a shame. Instead of having “Kit Kat” etched into the top of the chocolate bar, it says “Tit Bit.”

  3. Thanks for posting this. Reminds me of Topvalu brand “Choco Wafers,” another generic Kit Kat from Japan. In Japan Kit Kats are hugely popular and they make tons of different flavors — at least a couple new ones every month. I bought a Topvalu brand bar they made a white-chocolate-based pumpkin “Choco Wafer” bar. Nestle, who makes Kit Kat in Japan, has only ever maked brown-chocolate-based pumpkin Kit Kats. Unfortunately, the Topvalu pumpkin Choco Wafer bar was pretty terrible… not nearly as good as the pumpkin spice Hershey’s Kisses Target sells every October.

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