Yes, it’s been one year since I came back to Korea. 

One year last week, but last week I was in Luang Prabang with On and just enjoying myself too much you know to sit down in front of a computer and write about what it has been like to be back in Korea this past year. 

I am surprised at how fast the past year seemed to fly by; of course there were many, many times when I was missing On so much and feeling more homesick than I have ever felt before in all the years that I have been away from home when the time seemed to almost stop. Especially last autumn when I was sad that I could not go home for Christmas to be with my Mom and the rest of my family as well as how hard it was to be apart from On. 

It was a good year for the most part but only when I knew that I could get away. Sadly I have never really felt comfortable living in Daejeon (I still haven’t explored much of the city) but this is where I am going to be for another year. 

I started writing again for the Korea Times—just one or two Thoughts of the Times submissions a month, but it is good to be writing again. Just wish they would pay me for the ten essays I have already submitted. 

I can’t really say that my life is any better than it was when I was living in Seoul and teaching at Yonsei. I am just fortunate that I have a decent job and that I can pay the bills, put food on the table, help out my Mom and take care of On. So, in that regard I am doing okay. 

One year later, here I am still in Daejeon. 

One more year in Korea.