How could this happen at what is supposed to be the “world’s best airport hub?”

“A foreigner died after collapsing in the arrivals area at Incheon International Airport on Monday because emergency treatment was late. The Turkish national identified as Ankara Seihun collapsed near the baggage claim area after arriving from Istanbul by Turkish Airlines. Rescue workers were dispatched a few minutes later, but airport security guards blocked them from reaching the patient, saying entering the arrivals area from outside was forbidden.

Rescue workers finally reached the patient through another entrance at 12:11 p.m. A rescue worker said it seemed no one attempted first aid before they arrived. Seihun was first treated at the airport medical center and moved to Inha University Hospital, but in vain. A doctor at Inha Hospital said it was unfortunate that the emergency treatment was late, adding people can survive heart attacks if they receive emergency treatment within five minutes.”

Sure, someone screwed up big time, but what I would like to know is why there aren’t any emergency medical teams inside the arrivals area to be on standby for such an incident? What happens if someone gets sick on a plane and can’t get through immigration formalities and collect their baggage? Do they have to wait for rescue workers to be cleared by officials before entering?

This should not have happened.

(Quoted text from the Digital Chosun)