Of all the years I have lived and worked in Korea I’ve come across some pretty weird and absurd news articles in the papers here, but this one—reported by the Korea Times today—is one of the most bizarre bar none. 

A 52-year-old man was caught for attempting to eat his landlady’s pet dog. 

The man, identified as Park, took the pet Chihuahua into his room, while the 69-year-old landlady Jeon was in the bathroom. He then killed the dog and attempted to cook it at the boarding house in Jongno, Seoul Monday afternoon. 

Park tried to scorch the dog before cooking it in his room, but his clothes in the room caught fire and emitted smoke. His neighbors called the firefighters and his attempt to cook the dog was detected by neighbors and firefighters, according to police. 

Police quoted Park, drunk when apprehended, as saying ‘I did so because I was hungry.’ 

He was booked without physical detention on charges of theft.

A pretty bizarre turn of events for Park who only wanted to have some dog to eat and then started his room on fire. I feel sorry for the landlady who lost her dog. I wonder if Mr. Park had it in for her and her dog?