Mr. Rodman, this way to debriefing

Rodman 2Probably not according to a news story via ABC:

Basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman may be the only American to have hugged, drank and laughed with North Korea’s bad boy Kim Jong Un, but the U.S. State Department said today it has no plans to debrief Rodman for any personal intel on the man who says he is targeting the U.S. with his nuclear arsenal.

Read the rest of the story here, but what I find interesting about this article is the mention of the Coca Cola can, something I pointed out the other day. Those kinds of Coke cans are how Coke is sold in South Korea, which probably means that it came via the black market. What’s also interesting is that the placement of the can allows us to see the English. As Arsenio Hall used to do on his show, “Things that make you go hmm….”

Well, now we can get back to normalcy here. This month US and South Korean forces will be having a joint military exercise, and as Pyongyang said last month, if this military exercise goes as planned, the US forces will face miserable destruction. What will Pyongyang do next?

One more note about Rodman’s visit to North Korea. Today, I went to get a pizza, and the manager of the Dominoes Pizza asked me what I thought about Rodman’s visit. I told him that I thought it was pretty strange and he agreed. A lot of people in the South, he told me, are treating it is amusing and a little bizarre.

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