That’s right folks, Paris Hilton who was recently in Korea for a promotional tour raved about Korea and the chance to indulge in some of Korea’s tasty cuisine.

”Hilton, who is currently in Seoul for a promotional tour sponsored by sportswear brand Fila Korea, smiled and showed off her trademark pose for photographers and cameramen at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. With her upswept blonde hair and glowing tan, Hilton wore a gold puffer vest, hot pink track jacket, gray tank top and purple track pants. Everything she wore, except for a pink Chanel purse, was from Fila’s collection, which she is endorsing.

The 27-year old fashionista, who is often seen wearing high-end designer brands, declared she loves the Fila brand. “‘I love Fila. Girls who wear Fila have great style too. I love to mix the colors. The Fila brand comes in all different colors, so I can mix and match them. My favorite color is pink, so I wore this today,”’ she said.

This is her first time in Korea, so she gushed about the beautiful Korean scenery. Hilton also said she loved bibimbap and would like to eat more of it during her trip”