Leave it to those wily Norks to come up with another way to terrorize and bully their brethren south of the DMZ.

Last week it was all about how the North was going to turn the South into ashes. It was their usual kind of saber-rattling; the kind of saber-rattling that we have all come to know and appreciate.

This week it’s jamming South Korea flights.

Jamming signals thought to be from North Korea have affected GPS navigation on at least 250 flights, South Korean officials say.

Nine South Korean and nine foreign airlines have been affected since Saturday, the Transport Ministry said.

The flights had to rely on alternative navigation systems but were in no danger, the ministry added.

The South has accused the North – with which it remains technically at war – of similar incidents in the past.

“We’ve confirmed the GPS [global positioning system] jamming signals have been stemming from the North,” Lee Kyung-woo, deputy director at Seoul’s Korea Communications Commission, was quoted by Agence-France Presse news agency as saying.

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What will North Korea think of next?

I’m telling you, if you are a North Korean watcher and interested in what is happening on the Korean peninsula, you must read B.R. Meyers book, The Cleanest Race. It will open your eyes to what makes North Korea tick.