That’s right. Another Korean professor was found to have phony credentials.

“Jung Duck-hee, professor of Myongji University, was revealed Monday to have faked her academic records.

According to Sisa Journal magazine, Jung said she had graduated from the Air and Correspondence College, earned her masters’ degree at Dongguk University and had previously worked as a professor at Kyungin Women’s College.

However, she had graduated from Yesan Girl’s High School in South Chungcheong Province, and hasn’t legitimately attained any further academic degrees.

Jung, 51, completed a study course without a degree from Dongguk University. She also wasn’t a professor at Kyungin Women’s University either, but instead served as a part-time lecturer.”

Okay, that’s some serious stuff lying about your past and teaching experience, but what gets me is what the reporter had to say next:

“She was a self-made person, overcoming her husband’s morbid suspicion about her chastity, troubles with her mother-in-law and economic difficulties to become a life coach teaching people to live happy and positively. Her humor, candidness and experience have put her on the road to stardom. She is said to have given more than 1,000 lectures at large corporations, TV programs, governmental organizations and many universities.”

Hmm…sounds like the reporter is trying to defend her instead of just reporting the facts.

Let’s see, for those of you keeping score that’s four prominent figures who got caught this year with phony credentials or lying about their experience. Personally, I think it’s a wake up call for Korean society, which places so much faith in higher education and the people who think they can get away with faking their credentials for whatever reason.