On is really happy that I am coming to her a village for a few days. Now I am wishing that we could have come a day or two earlier; other then going to Chinatown early in the morning yesterday, we haven’t done much other than going to Jimmy’s in the evening (except Thursday night because I had gone to the dentist in the afternoon).

This vacation is going by too fast.

It’s been perfect. Without question, this has been the best time I have had in Thailand in many years. Being with On and sharing my life with her has made all the difference.

We don’t have to wait too long before we can board the bus. We’re a little disappointed that it is not the VIP bus that we paid for, but we are sitting in the front row so at least we can look out the window. There’s a TV playing, tuned into some Thai TV station. Later, a movie is played. It’s in Thai with no subtitles. On gets a kick out of it. It looks like it’s a comedy about ghosts or something.

Sure enough, four hours later the bus stops for a quick pitstop.

Just enough time to grab some food, visit the restroom and buy something to eat and drink for the rest of the journey. Still have about six more hours.

On buys some food for us and we find a place to sit down and eat.

“We have to eat quickly,” says On.

The way she says “quickly” sounds so cute.

“Okay Babe. Then we have to get on the bus quickly.”

On laughs.

“I have to go to the toilet,” she says.

“Please go quickly!”

We both laugh.

And yes, we are back on the bus quickly.