Up early this morning for the four-hour trip to Pakxe and then on to Wat Phou. It’s pretty much a straight shot south on the highway 13S without much traffic at all other than the occasional bus or songthaew. It’s another gorgeous day in Laos but very, very hot.

When you stop for something to eat along the way in one of the villages your vehicle or the bus you are traveling on is quickly surrounded by villagers selling all kinds of food on a stick: hardboiled eggs on a stick, fried chicken on a stick, roasted sweet corn on a stick, and fried grasshoppers on a stick.
Although it might not seem too appealing or appetizing for some people, you’re not going to find many restaurants along the way.

And when you think about it, “food on a stick” is a pretty easy way to eat something when you are crowded in the back of a songthaew.

On buys some roasted sweet corn on a stick from some children selling food in one of the small villages we passed on our way to Pakxe.