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Picture of the Day: Changbong-ni — Hoengsong County, South Korea

North of Hoengsong and “Massacre Valley” is the village of Changbong-ni, which I describe in War Remains.

On February 11, 1951 a task force, Support Force 21, comprised of elements of the 38th Infantry Regiment, US Second Infantry Division and artillery units were attached to ROK (Republic of Korea) units for support and coordination. This area was where these units were located when the Chinese attacked.

Surprisingly, 60 years later the area was not that developed–aside from a couple modern buildings and a new highway.

This is the area I describe in the Prologue and later again in the novel. This is the area where Bobby and the other men waited for the “rain of hot metal and death.”

In the distance is Oum-san, the mountain that Bobby describes and hopes that the “mountain spirits” will be kind.


  1. Thanks for the pictures Jeffrey, really put things in perspective. Normally I can’t stand the electric lines in picture, but the second picture has a character of its own.

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