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Picture of the day: Woosong University

A snowy day at Woosong University in Daejeon, South Korea. The building in the background is the university library.


  1. This is beautiful, looks very cold. I’m sure you can’t wait to get to Laos, I hope it’s warm there in February.

    • Thanks Nye. This was one of those lucky, “shoot and point” shots. It had snowed the night before and I knew there would be some nice “snow scenes” around campus. What really made this photo was the blue sky in the background to create a nice depth of field.

      Yes, I sure hope the weather is nice in Laos next week; Aon tells me that the weather is hot one day and cold the next.

      I expect it to be a little chilly in Vientiane but warmer in Paksong–but definitely much warmer than Korea!

  2. Nice picture, well composed.

    how much snow on average do you get in Korea? It must not be as much as New England, here we have had enough snow for 10 winters! 40″ since Christmas and more coming 🙁 And it’s been wicked cold, too.

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