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Pine Mushrooms & Phallic Symbols

Okay, there are a number of things going on in this photo (via the Korea Times), not the least of which are these very expensive mushrooms:

Models show top-rated pine mushrooms from Yangyang County, Gangwon Province, during a promotion held in Myeong-dong, central Seoul, Sunday. Yangyang will hold a five-day mushroom harvest festival from Sept. 24. The pine mushroom is considered a gourmet food in Korea and Japan, with top-rated ones fetching 1.5 million won ($1,300) per kilogram.

Now you have to admit these mushrooms do have this phallic thing going on here.

Look a little closer–do you see that eye and eyebrow of what looks like a life-sized mushroom figure behind the model in the center? Creepy, huh?


  1. Very strange indeed and that life size mushroom is very odd looking.

  2. are these mushrooms used as aphrodisiacs?

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