Shakespeare understood the importance of inserting some comic relief in one of his more famous tragedies Macbeth—to give the audience a chance to catch their breath and to offer some relief from the intensity of the plot line—like the drunken porter scene following the murder of Duncan.

Given the massacre that occurred in Virginia this week and the healing process that is beginning to take place—even as we are still shocked by what happened—it’s as good as time as any for bloggers to provide some relief from the magnitude of this tragedy. That is also part of the healing process.

Whether or not the article I came across on Net today about adjustable breast implants is any kind of relief from my previous postings, it was definitely quite interesting to read. That’s right, adjustable breast implants.

“Returning a TV because you don’t like the quality is one thing, but it’s a little bit harder to return a pair of breast implants. All too often in both breast reconstruction and breast augmentation (over 300,000 of which are performed per year) the patient is unsatisfied with the size or shape of their implant. So why not let the patient come in for a little “adjustment”?”

Hmm…gives new meaning to the expression “pump it up” or in this case, “pump them up.”